Your business’ email inbox is overwhelmed. Your phone lines are ringing off the hook. And you haven’t got enough people to tend to your customers.

Sound like your business? It’s time to invest in live chat customer service.

What is live chat?

Live chat is essentially a virtual messaging service on your website, which allows your customers to interact with your business easily.

Why use live chat support?

It’s proven difficult for businesses to reach customers in ways other than face-to-face interactions. But live chat customer service lets businesses get to the bottom of customers’ queries and problems efficiently and easily.

There are endless benefits of live chat, as it gives your customers another accessible, user-friendly way to communicate with you. Whether they have a question about a product or query about their delivery, they can get answers quicker with real-time live chat. Adding proof to the pudding that live chat enhances customer experiences and increases engagement - CrazyEgg found that 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website if it has live chat support.

As well as benefits to your customers, there are benefits to your business too. When you outsource live chat with a company like Cymphony, you can give your business back time and count on customer service experts. Head here to find out more.

The top 4 industries that benefit from live chat customer service

1. Healthcare

The internet is the first place most people head to when diagnosing themselves, so live chat support is the perfect opportunity for healthcare providers to cater to people’s needs and gain the upper hand on competitors. From health questions to availability, customers can gain the information they need. And healthcare providers can get the important answers their customers need to them immediately and reduce their calls, with a forward-thinking digital solution. 

2. Trade

Whether someone faces a plumbing, electrical, or heating issue, they head straight to the almighty Google to find someone. This gives those within the trade the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the demand of urgency by implementing live chat on their website. Customers are able to find out more information, availability, and prices instantly. 

3. Real Estate

Live chat support services are essential for estate agents, as their time is always in demand by clients. Instead of answering endless, time-consuming phone calls and emails, estate agents are able to supply clients with images, details on properties, and listings at the quick click of a button and in real-time.

4. Automobile

If you work in the automotive business, you’ll benefit from live chat. You’re able to support your clients round-the-clock and provide them with information quickly, without taking you off important work. Plus, you’re able to make a sale and follow up leads when your showroom is closed.

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Why choose Cymphony?

With our expert live chat customer service, increase your business’ conversions by 300%, customise your chat to your brand, and more…

97% positive chat feedback

We’re proud to provide thousands of UK businesses with our outsourced live chat service. And we’re really proud to say an impressive 97% of our live chats are rated excellent. Watch this space as we’re on a mission to reach 100%!

300% conversion increase

Thanks to our expert people and tech, our live chat clients have seen a whopping 300% increase in lead generation in just one month. To put that into perspective, the industry standard is 2%.

Customisable for your brand

Our live chat customer services are tailored to each and every business we work with. So you can align your website live chat with your business’ colours, fonts, and logo. Your customers feel like they’re chatting with you, and not an external company.

Quick implementation

If you need your live chat up and running quickly, we’ll do our very best to make it happen promptly and efficiently. But if we come across any limitations, we always keep you in the loop.

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