As we all move into a new world of flexible working and instant access to information, a lot of people have come to expect the same from businesses and their customer service. So, how can business adapt and meet their clients’ needs? With an out of hours telephone answering service.

Without a 24/7 call answering service, clients are sometimes forced to wait hours or days to chat with a real person. But this could have a damaging effect on a lot of businesses, no matter the size or sector, as PwC reported 75% of consumers preferred human interaction rather than an automated interaction.

5 benefits of 24/7 call handling services

From reducing your social media queries to boosting productivity, here are just a few 24/7 answering service advantages: 

Never miss a call

With 24/7 call handling support, you can profit whilst you sleep. Your business gets the best chance at fulfilling leads that could have otherwise been missed, and your clients get the best experience.

Boost productivity

A call handling service can transform the way your business operates and improve its efficiency. Staff who have been filling the role of customer service agents are no longer spread too thinly and concentrate on their day-to-day roles.

Happy, happy clients

Never underestimate the power of chatting to a real person. By scrapping an automated system or voicemail and opting for out of hours call handling, clients feel more at ease and get the help they need quicker. And what do you get? Positive feedback and word of mouth marketing.

Cut your costs

An in-house customer service team can be costly expense for any business. But by outsourcing a 24/7 live answering service, you can cut costs whilst offering your customers a smooth, satisfying experience.

Reduce digital queries

With an out of hours telephone answering service, you can cut down your social media and email queries by tending to your customers’ needs promptly and professionally.

Does my business need an out of hours call handling service?

If you work in one of the following sectors or roles, your business, staff, and clients would benefit from a 24/7 telephone answering service.

  • Emergency plumbers, electricians, and building repair specialists
  • Letting agents i.e., for arranging emergency repairs
  • International businesses i.e., with customers in different time zones
  • Out-of-hours medical practices, dental practices, and A&E departments
  • Out-of-hours animal rescue centres and vets
  • Fraud reporting departments in banks
  • Out-of-hours locksmiths
  • Hotels and airlines
  • Roadside recovery services
  • Emergency car mechanics
  • Any business who wants to go above and beyond i.e., law firms, private clinics, high value services

Why choose Cymphony’s 24/7 telephone answering service?

So we can offer the best customer service, we invest in people, training, processes and systems at Cymphony, meaning our clients don’t have to. You get peace of mind that your business’ out of hours call handling service is in expert hands. And there’s no need to worry about being understaffed, as we take care of everything, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Hear what our client Michaela Knight from Synergy Cleaning has to say about her experience with Cymphony’s 24/7 answering service:

“I own a large cleaning business in York. When I first opened, I was on my own and received 24/7 enquiries, so I felt constantly stressed about missing big sales calls.

Cymphony were recommended to me as a virtual reception to take my calls and recommend the most important potential customers, which meant I could decide if I wanted to call back.

I have to say they were a godsend and I’ve used them for 10 years. It gave my company a much more impactful impression and I do believe I gained more business from having them. I would 100% recommend these guys, I genuinely can't find anything negative to write about their service. They were absolutely life-changing for me and my business.”

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