The primary goal of a clinic is to provide excellent healthcare, but at times this can be a challenge, thanks to the many other responsibilities that come with running a healthcare facility. Luckily, there’s a new solution to this dilemma, in the form of virtual personal assistants.

Virtual personal assistants are outsourced, remote personal assistants, who deliver all of the services you would expect from an in-house, full time employee, but with a few extra benefits:

  • First, you only pay for the time you use, so there’s no downtime or productivity issues and no more worrying about making sure you’re getting the most out of your people.
  • Next, you don’t need to worry about systems and processes. Your virtual PA will have this at their fingertips, ensuring you receive a fast, efficient, high quality service.
  • Training, quality assessments and reporting are all taken care of too. At Cymphony, we measure ourselves against our own world-class standards, ensuring every conversation is as good as it can be.

Want to know how our virtual personal assistants help our healthcare customers? Read on…


One of the key aspects of running a clinic is organising customer appointments. Without a carefully monitored schedule, healthcare facilities would descend into disarray and not be able to maximise the potential of healthcare practitioners’ time. Alongside the appointments themselves, arranging appointments is the most time-consuming aspect of running a clinic, so it makes sense to try to do so as efficiently as possible.

Virtual personal assistants are ideal for diary management, as they are skilled and experienced in the role; minimising the possibility of costly mistakes. Incorrect record keeping of this kind can be extremely damaging to your reputation, as well as to the health of your customers and your cash flow as a business, so it’s crucial that those responsible are highly capable. Furthermore, when you source a virtual personal assistant service through a larger outsourcing provider such as Cymphony, you benefit from an entire body of assistants whilst only paying for the help you need, meaning that no customer request goes unanswered.


Similarly, sending out timely reminders to patients regarding their upcoming appointments really helps to cut down on how many are missed, which also helps to cut down on loss of earnings. Hiring a virtual personal assistant ensures that this is always executed perfectly.


One aspect of running a clinic that many fail to do is asking for feedback from customers. When it comes to healthcare, it is more important than ever to ensure that the service you have provided has been satisfactory. The consequence of not doing so could lead to not only losing customers, but also negatively affecting someone’s health and the damaging of your reputation through word of mouth.

Giving more responsibilities to your existing staff is unlikely to yield the results that you would see from outsourcing to dedicated experts in the field. For many clinics, staff wear multiple hats and try to juggle a variety of different tasks, which is often a cost saving measure. However, thanks to the cost effectiveness of outsourcing, you can afford to invest in experienced and skilled assistants who specialise in administrative tasks, and yield far greater results.


Healthcare based administrators carry far greater responsibility than those working in other fields, as their actions have more significant consequences. For example, failure to correctly process prescriptions can lead to serious health issues for customers. This is another reason why outsourcing to a body of virtual personal assistants who are focused and dedicated in their roles is so important; it ensures that critical administrative tasks are executed to perfection.  

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Having a professional, skilled and trained virtual PA to be the voice of your business will go a long way to giving your clients a great experience when dealing with you.  A gentle and patient approach is extremely important when speaking to those in need of medical attention, as they may already be suffering or fighting their fears in order to reach out to you in the first place. So, investing in staff who are able to handle customer queries with tact, kindness and patience is paramount.

Hiring one or two full-time staff members who are likely to be overrun, working in a field known to be extremely busy, isn’t the most efficient use of your clinic’s budget. Full-time staff are notoriously expensive and carry with them a number of other time consuming responsibilities, such as payroll and HR tasks, as well as having to provide a full functional workspace for them. Considering this, the return on your investment is incomparable to that of outsourcing.

For clinics in particular, being able to answer every call, and in a timely and professional manner, is crucial. Outsourcing to a company who provide virtual personal assistants ensures exactly that, while you miss out on the various expenses associated with an in-house team. It is particularly important to start thinking of ways, such as this, that you can tighten your purse strings, especially considering the recent rise in the overall cost of healthcare.

Record Keeping

You might feel dubious about the technicalities of handing over responsibility to remote staff, and the effects this might have on the quality of record keeping. However, virtual personal assistants sourced from a company like Cymphony are fully trained and experienced in content management systems, and a process will be designed that helps them integrate seamlessly into your organisation, updating your records remotely as they go.

Regulatory Changes

Clinics and other healthcare facilities fall victim to what can seem like an endless stream of regulatory changes, and it is crucial that these are taken seriously and executed as requested. A virtual personal assistant can really help to ease the burden of responsibilities like this, by taking the reigns of the administrative side of the business, allowing you to rest assured that it is being handled with the utmost care by an experienced and invested professional.

Staff Shortages

Finally, post pandemic, many industries are facing staff shortages and healthcare is top of the list thanks to the considerable weight carried by frontline workers. You might find that you lose some of your existing staff, and hiring replacements is trickier than first expected. Many people have also been introduced to an alternative lifestyle after the forced changes introduced by multiple lockdowns, and have subsequently decided not to return to work.

Outsourcing to remote workers such as virtual personal assistants is the perfect solution. It’s a ready made body of trained staff, who work in a way that would survive future, similar challenges thanks to its flexible nature. No more sifting through endless CVs, which is a particular relief at the moment as there is also a skill shortage as a result of the pandemic, no interviews or assessment days, just excellent workers as and when you need them.

If you like the sound of having a virtual personal assistant in your clinic, then why not get in touch with us to see how we can support you and your practice.

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