You may or may not have heard of outsourcing before but in a nutshell, it is a really handy option available to businesses which allows them to benefit from the help of a third party body of staff on a temporary (or permanent), and affordable basis. Sounds good doesn’t it, but the truth is that not enough businesses are making the most of this lucrative alternative to the traditional business model. There are some businesses which are particularly suited to it too, for example, there are a multitude of benefits that a mechanic could gain from outsourcing to a communications provider. Let’s take this example and explain exactly what these benefits might be.


MOTs, Services and Repairs

As most people know, cars take a lot of looking after. They need MOTs and services every year and repairs all year round. They are also a crucial component to the smooth running of the majority of people’s day to day lives, all of which leads to the conclusion that the relationship people have with their mechanic is certainly an important one.

So, as a mechanic, it is elemental that you not only recognise this but also utilise it to maximise profits. Investing in your communication and customer service can help to cement you as the mechanic of choice, who can be relied upon to deliver these important services time and time again. Outsourcing to a communications specialist company like Cymphony can be fantastic way to achieve this, as they can take over your call handling; being the go-between between you and your customers, and lending their expertise to creating the perfect relationship. 


Diary Management

A large part of a mechanic’s schedule is diary management, and handling this well can be the difference between maintaining a thriving customer base or losing customers. Outsourcing your customer interaction ensures that no potential booking is missed and every booking is recorded accurately, minimising potential problems and confusion. It also ensures that, should your customers or yourself need to make alterations to bookings, they are carried out with the upmost respect towards your customers and ensures that their needs are met satisfactorily. 81% of people admit to having no time management system, so focusing on organisation in this way can help you to really make an impression.

Mistakes made at this point can have a number of serious knock-on effects, for example if a customer cannot have their repairs carried out on their car within the expected time frame, it could lead to them missing an important life event or even losing a job. Furthermore, going the extra mile with your customers can really help you to beat the competition, so incorporating reminders into your customers service journey, when it comes to the world of mechanics, can make a huge difference. Sending customers reminders about appointments that they have with you, or reminders that their MOT or service is due, not only maximises the chances of them returning to your business, but also ensures that your schedule runs efficiently.

Lastly, outsourcing your customer service can see vast improvements when it comes to maximising on leads. If a potential new customer makes an enquiry, the experience they have will help them to decide whether or not to sign up and become part of your database, so investing in the help of experts can be one of the most lucrative investments you make. 


Customer Service

Good customer service in general is at the heart of every successful business, so you should never underestimate its power. After all, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. Vehicle issues can be extremely stressful, as they threaten people’s freedom and ability to undertake a number of other activities. There is a lot resting on having access to a vehicle therefore it is important that customer interaction is handled with care, in order to avoid further stress. If you can minimise the stress your customers are already facing you are bound to create a loyal client.

Another way in which you can go the extra mile when it comes to customer service is by making follow up calls after a repair has been completed, to make sure that the vehicle is performing as promised and that your customer is happy. This will, again, leave a lasting impression that you really care about each of your customers as individuals. It may seem like an unrealistic goal to be able to follow up with every customer, but this is another reason why you should outsource, as it makes the impossible possible thanks to having use of a huge team of customer service experts for as long as you need them for.


Juggling your Workload

One of the main reasons why outsourcing is so well suited to mechanics is due to the nature of their job. They’re most often found in the workshop carrying out vehicle checks and repairs, meaning that the phone is often out of reach and, therefore, answering it is often a real inconvenience, that is if they hear it at all! Not to mention the likelihood of ruining any office equipment with oily hands.

Therefore, outsourcing customer communication to a facility designed for it, is an obvious solution. Furthermore, in response to the urgency of their work, a mechanic’s day tends to be pretty fast paced. In particular, they need fast responses from customers once they have identified an issue with their vehicle, in order to be able to go ahead with a repair. Facilitating the required communication is much easier and more efficient via a communications specialist team.


Out of Hours

Many outsourcing providers are able to make their services available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the flexible nature of their work and workforce, which is another reason why it is so well suited to mechanics. Unfortunately problems with vehicles do not only occur during convenient business hours, they can happen at any time of day or even night. For example, a customer could have an accident and need to be recovered to their garage of choice., and being able to contact the garage in this scenario is crucial.


Outsourcing Phone Lines

So what exactly can be outsourced? Well firstly, if you’re opting for a communications provider like Cymphony, you can expect to be able to outsource all of your incoming calls. Any calls from you customers will be diverted to Cymphony’s call centre where they would handled by a team of experienced customer service experts. The information they take will then be communicated to you efficiently and effectively.

The main benefit of this is that you don’t need to hire your own in-house employees, which usually involves a significant cost, not to mention an investment of time and the ongoing pressures of providing the correct HR protocols and solutions. You get to benefit from the excellent training that Cymphony provide for their staff, at no extra cost and with none of the hassle! You can also outsource any outbound calls, such as appointment amendments or follow ups, so you can get on with your key role, uninterrupted.


Outsourcing Live Chat

In addition, you could also outsource any live chat functions that you have on your website. If you haven’t yet explored live chat, we highly recommend that you do so. It is know to be the most convenient form of communication available to customers, as it allows for fast and efficient responses as well as being easily accessible.


Outsourcing to a Virtual Personal Assistant

And finally, Cymphony even offer a virtual personal assistant service. This is ideal if your focus needs to be on diary management. It means that you have an administrative assistant on hand at all times to handle the office-based aspects of running your business. Their remote nature makes them infinitely flexible and they are available 24/7 to cover all of your business needs.

We hope that we have been able to shine some light on the many benefits of outsourcing, for mechanics in particular. For an industry that relies on repeat custom and diary management, outsourcing could be the perfect solution for you. It enables excellent customer service and record keeping, going the extra mile and ensuring that your schedule runs smoothly. It is also the perfect answer to the challenge posed by such a fast paced business environment, and allows you to focus on the main job at hand, instead of juggling administration at inconvenient times. Whether you need help with incoming and outgoing calls, live chat, or you could benefit from a virtual personal assistant, why not give it a go?

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