There’s no such thing as too many customer service platforms. The more you have, the more customers you can chat to, and the more customers you retain.

So if you haven’t already, live chat customer service is the next customer support platform to add to your roster. Want to know why? Read on to find out how outsourced live chat support can help improve your customer service, and why Cymphony has the best live chat software.

What is a live chat service?

In short: live chat allows your customers to communicate with customer service agents in real-time via a chat box on your website.

How does live chat work?

We won’t get into the nitty gritty of the tech, but live chat is essentially software within your website. It’s easy to add and even easier to manage, as Cymphony’s virtual assistants take care of your live chat for you.

There are two different kinds of live chat to choose from. There’s automated live chat, also known as ‘bots’, which uses pre-loaded scripts and AI. And there’s live chat with real customer service agents on the other end, which allows businesses to give visitors more detailed, bespoke answers. Both allow customers to chat live, however 99 Firms highlighted that 70% of consumers prefer chatting with human agents over AI tech.

You might have spotted the live chat feature at the bottom right of our website. Why not take it for a test drive? Or, read more about our live chat customer service.

Is live chat the future?

Our answer? Yes. Live chat is the future. And it’s key to your business’ future too.

Living in an age where we want answers there and then, it’s no surprise Help Scout reported 41% of consumers said they prefer chat support to phone, email and social media support. In the same survey, 51% of consumers said they were more likely to stay with or repeat buy from a company that offers chat support, whilst 53% were likely to abandon their purchases without quick answers.

Allowing consumers to reach out to businesses when it works best for them, and offering solutions within seconds, live chat customer service is the customer service platform that caters to the modern-day consumer. By adding it your website, you can compete with other businesses and future-proof your business.

Why should I invest in live chat for my business?

As well as catering to the new age of consumers, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in chat support:

Live chat customer service is 17-30% more cost-efficient than a phone call, letting you invest money elsewhere in your business.

Know your customers
By chatting in real-time with your customers, you can understand and address their biggest pain points, faster.

Reports and results
As well as gaining insights into your customers’ queries, you can look into your live chat reports and transcripts to get to know them even better.

One-up competitors
With more consumers favouring live chat over other customer service platforms and turning to other businesses, your business has the upper hand on competitors.

New and old customers
As we mentioned earlier, more and more consumers are favouring live chat and expecting to see it on websites. So you can retain your existing customers, and acquire new ones.

Find out more about the features of Cymphony’s live chat service.

So, how do I install live chat?

We’ve made installing our live chat support as simple and fuss-free as possible. Simply follow the steps below, and we can get started:

  1. Fill out our quick form or call us on 0333 800 2828
  2. One of our experts will be in touch to find out more about your business
  3. We’ll send you a simple piece of code to add to your site, bespoke to your business to fit with your branding
  4. It should work almost instantly, so your visitors can start chatting straight away
  5. We’ll send all your live chat transcripts to you, so you can have eyes on all our communication with your customers

Is it time to add live chat to your website?

Find out more about Cymphony’s live chat service, or get in touch with us today to chat with one of our experts.

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