It goes without saying that customers are the lifeblood of any business. With that in mind, it seems obvious that businesses would consider the way they interact with those customers to be of high importance.

Indeed, happy customers are more likely to spread the word about a company, make repeat purchases, and pay more money for a product.

But this doesn’t just refer to having people on the phones ready and able to talk to customers – good customer service is more about how you talk to customers. After all, we’ve all received bad service at some point or other and we know how it coloured our opinion of that business.

And when it comes to speaking on the phone, there are extra challenges involved with providing good customer service. For example, trying to communicate without any physical cues.

But the fact remains that poor customer service is detrimental to any business. It can drive customers to competitors and lose their custom altogether, in addition to the secondary benefits of good customer service, such as word of mouth.

Clearly then, businesses need to prioritise their telephone customer service, to make sure that not only is it available when customers need, but that the service they get over the phone keeps them coming back.

Cymphony’s 6 top telephone customer service tips

1. Greet your customers in a professional manner

This first one is obvious – good telephone etiquette. But you’d be surprised by how many telephone customer service conversations miss the mark. Striking the right tone requires good staff training, but it also requires happy staff. As they say, happy employees make happy customers.

2. Provide well-structured explaining

While following a customer service script can make call handlers sound robotic, sticking to a framework brings the same benefits without the downsides. – in fact, people retain structured information 40% more reliably. For example, following structures such as Problem, Solution, Benefit. Or, What? So What? Now What?

3. Maintain a positive tone

If you really want your customers to feel comfortable, you need to project an enthusiastic and attentive tone. Try and match their speed, so you’re not going too fast or too slow. Control your pitch and vary your inflection to make yourself sound natural and interested, and make sure you enunciate.

4. Use the 5 C’s

The 5 C’s stand for clear, complete, concise, concrete, and correct. So, make your explanation clear, keep it brief but complete, make it specific, and ensure you have your facts straight.

5. Quiet environments allow you to communicate better

Try and eliminate background noise as much as possible so that your call handler isn’t fighting for space amongst a well of noise. Not only does extra noise make it harder for the caller to hear and understand, but it also makes them feel like less of an individual. A quiet space, however, lets your customer know that, on this phone call, you are there for them and them alone.

6. Answer the phone promptly

This point is trickier, as prompt telephone answering requires the right number of staff available for the customers calling at that time. And trying to work this out can seem like trying to solve some sort of mathematical equation. Either businesses overstaff, costing valuable revenue spent on salaries, or they understaff, to the detriment of their customer service.

This is where it can be worth thinking about outsourcing your customer service. This way, you get your phones manned 24/7, by trained customer service agents. And the best part is – you only pay for what you use. So, if your need is less than usual, you’re not paying for staff to man the phones unnecessarily, and if you have a sudden surge of phone calls, you can rest assured that your customers are being well cared for. 

Only the best for your customers

Clearly then, any phone call with a customer is a vital opportunity to set the tone for all your future interactions with them. Chances are, if it’s a negative experience, they won’t get in touch again. But a positive experience can leave them wanting to use your service time and time again, even disregarding any competitors to do so.

So, with so much on riding on your company’s telephone service, it’s crucial that you have top quality employees answering your phones.

To ensure your customers get the service they deserve, outsourcing your customer service function can ensure you never miss a call again, with 24/7 phone answering, manned by highly trained professionals who you know your business inside and out.

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