Working on site? Missed call. Always in meetings? Missed call. A million and one things to do? Missed call.

A lot of businesses struggle to keep up with their customer service, whether it’s due to a lack of a dedicated team, or too many calls to keep up with. But what really is the cost to businesses when they miss a customer call?

From finances to customer satisfaction to brand reputation, we’re digging into the negative impact missing a call can have. And letting you in on the perfect solution: Cymphony’s outsourced telephone answering service.

Did you know missing one call can cost you £1,200?

Financially, the impact of missing calls can be unsurprisingly damaging. BT Business recently reported that missing just one customer call costs small and medium-sized businesses a staggering £1,200 of revenue. So if you miss just one call a week for one year, that’s £62,400 of revenue in total.

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How else do missed calls impact my business?

As well as impacting your business’ revenue, there are other detrimental ways missing calls can affect your business:

Customer reviews
Word of mouth, online reviews, and social media feedback can be some of the most impactful and influential forms of marketing. But if a customer has a negative experience, like an unanswered call, a bad review can be damaging to your business and its future.

Free pass for competition
If you’re failing to answer calls, the likelihood is that your customers will simply move onto the next business. Your loss is your competition’s gain.

Business culture
If your team are missing calls or are overwhelmed by the number of calls, it can be deflating and impact morale as well as their performance.

Brand reputation
If your business doesn’t appear to be efficient and prioritising your customers’ needs, your reputation could be damaged. This can impact acquiring new customers, but also potential partnerships with other businesses.

Loss of customers
Missing calls means missing out on potential sales with new and existing customers, as well as missing the opportunity to keep hold of customers who are ready to leave.

Loss of revenue
We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s a big one. Missing calls means your business misses out on revenue, from both existing and new customers. And in the long run, with damaged brand reputation and negative reviews, less calls come in, and less revenue will too.

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But are phone calls dying out?

They certainly aren’t. We might be living in a time where digital is king, but a Google study reported that 70% of mobile searches use the call button to get in touch with a business. So now is still the time to invest in your business’ call handling.

So, the missed call solution? A telephone answering service.

With a 24 hour answering service like Cymphony’s, you can increase your business’ revenue, boost brand reputation and increase customer satisfaction.

Plus, by outsourcing phone calls to answering service companies, you and your colleagues can concentrate on the bigger tasks at hand and leave the admin to the experts.

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Wondering why you should choose Cymphony?

We’re dedicated to providing the best service for you and your customers with our telephone answering service. So there are a few things you have our word on:

  • Never miss a customer: 24/7 call answering, to fit around your business
  • No customer kept waiting: We promise to answer every call in three rings
  • Expert service: Our call answering agents are specialists, providing the best service
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You’ll have a single point of contact for any queries
  • No contracts: We only offer short 30-day rolling agreements, so you’re never tied in
  • Money-back guarantee: If you aren’t happy with our call handling, we’ll refund you

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