Any benefit to businesses comes at a price. But a call answering service comes at a very reasonable one.

More and more small UK businesses are outsourcing telephone handling services to free up their staff time and business money. And by doing so, they’re providing their customers with top notch service, call after call.

So, the question on every business’ mind: how much does a phone answering service cost and who’s the best answering service company? Read on to find out.

The average cost of call handling? £1.20 per minute.

On average, a telephone answering service costs businesses between £1-£1.20 per minute, which can plummet to 90p per call with certain plans.

Prices vary depending on the telephone answering service company, the size of your business, and how many calls you receive. But when compared with the average loss of £1,200 per missed call, £1-£1.20 is a drop in the ocean.

At Cymphony, we offer a few different telephone answering service plans at different prices:

Pro Office Minimum: Starts at £50 per month, perfect for very small businesses

Pro Office Starter: Starts at £85 per month, ideal for small or new businesses

Pro Office Plus: Starts at £95 per month, our general full time service

Pro Office Premium: Starts at £105, includes Clinic Answer

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But is a call handling service a good investment?

For any business, big or small, a telephone answering service is a future-proofed investment. As well as improving your brand reputation and customer happiness, there are hefty financial benefits to answering more calls. Here’s how much those missed calls could be costing you:

  • £1,200: The cost of one missed call
  • £62,400: The cost of one missed call per week, for one year
  • £30billion: The average overall loss per year for businesses

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Outsourced vs In-house

There are a lot of benefits to outsourcing your call handling services, compared with hiring someone in an in-house permanent role. Here are just a few:

Flexible contracts
You might only need help with your call handling on certain days, or at certain times. With a telephone handling company, you only pay for the hours you need.

Expert service
Answering service companies ensure their call handling agents are expertly trained. So your business and your customers are guaranteed the best, most professional service.

24/7 availability
You may want your business to be on hand 24/7 for your customers. A call answering service works around you, with customer service agents trained to work across all time zones and all hours.

Off your hands
Outsourced call handling companies handle any customer queries or questions remotely, without needing to involve you.

Top notch systems
As well as investing in people by outsourcing your telephone answering service, you’re investing in the best technology and systems too. So your customers get the most efficient, speedy experience.

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