From finding a stellar team and the right location, to handling competition and sourcing investments, the to-do list for new businesses can be a never-ending one.

But one thing that can lighten the load is virtual PA services. Available to expertly handle your admin and take certain tasks off your hands, there are endless benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

As experts in outsourcing virtual PAs to businesses all over the UK, we’re delving into everything you need to know about hiring one for your new business…

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant is essentially an outsourced member of staff on hand to answer your business’ emails, calls, live chat messages and social media queries, and book appointments. So they’re an asset to new businesses and start-ups, as you can crack on with the bigger tasks and projects at hand.

Highly skilled and expertly trained, find out more about Cymphony’s virtual PA services.

3 attributes your business’ virtual assistant needs

1. Reliability

No matter their role or seniority, every member of staff within your new business should be reliable, especially your virtual PA. Responsible for arranging appointments and catering to your clients’ needs, you need someone you can count on professionally and personally.

As all of Cymphony’s virtual PAs are expertly trained, you can rest assured you and your clients will be in reliable hands.

2. Great communication

As they’re dealing with clients and customers daily, it’s vital that your virtual personal assistant has fantastic communication skills. From responding in a timely manner to handling queries politely, you need a virtual PA who represents you and your new business well.

At Cymphony, we take professionalism and reliability seriously. So, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance team who ensure every interaction between our virtual PAs and your clients is to the highest standard.

3. Resilient

Any business can get a little hectic at times, but especially within new businesses. You need to someone you can rely on day in, day out, to handle challenges, busy periods, and potentially difficult clients whilst remaining professional, helpful, and dedicated.

We can guarantee every last one of our virtual personal assistants are resilient. But why not read our customer success stories to find out for yourself?

Why you should choose Cymphony’s virtual PA services

Zero contracts

We allow our clients to hire our outsourced virtual PAs on a 30-day agreement. This way, you can trial our services without committing to a lengthy contract.

Moneyback guarantee

If you aren’t impressed with our virtual assistant services, we promise to return your subscription fees, along with the value of any unused minutes, chats or hours for any months we've failed to meet our high standards.


If you know there are certain periods or days your new business may not need virtual PA support, simply let us know and we’ll work around you. We can outsource our PAs when it suits you, so you can save on costs.

There’s plenty more where that came from. Here’s a little more information about our virtual assistant services.

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