Outsourced customer service can conjure up all sorts of images. Wheeler dealers and less than reputable sorts have created the perception that it’s all call-centres run by people who don’t know what they’re doing. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A truly comprehensive outsourced service offering makes things easy for clients, not only taking away the hassle of dealing with everything in-house, but actually adding value by creating a higher quality service. The more focussed a company can be, the better the service, making outsourcing to the professionals a winner for all involved.

Call centres or outsourcing: what’s the difference?

From telephone answering to managed live chats and personal assistants, the best outsourced customer service is much more than call centres. Too many people think of customer service as thousands of people wearing headsets making cold calls from a windowless office somewhere, but the reality is more holistic.

Outsourcing: what are all the different services?

Yes, call centres are a big component in a company’s offering, but only one part of a larger whole. Having a Managed Live Chat for example provides consumers with a space to talk in a way that’s convenient for them, getting quick answers without having to get on the phone. The best live chat service goes even further, one step further, helping businesses acquire new leads, conversions, and consumers. You won’t get that with just a call centre.

What are the benefits?

Outsource customer service to a knowledgeable company and it will provide you with so much more than a call centre. An outsourced company has options, flexibility, and most of all a single-minded focus. They aren’t bogged down with the day to day running of your business, they can keep laser-focussed on one task: taking the time to get to know you and the needs of your customers. With everyone focussing on their own areas of expertise, the customer experiences a much better service all round.

Why outsourcing is for everyone

It isn’t just reserved for big businesses, you can outsource customer service for small business organisations as well. Call centres have typically been used by huge corporations who need massive call answering capacity, but outsourced customer service can work for big and small businesses alike – making it a cost-effective solution to take unnecessary and time-consuming admin off your plate.

So, ready to outsource your customer service?

If you’re ready to offer an even higher quality of customer service to your customers, get in touch with our team today.

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