As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe, businesses all around the world were forced to adapt to what is now termed the ‘new normal’. As a result, many businesses became either nearly or entirely remote, and many are looking to stay that way.

Not only has remote working been shown to increase productivity by up to 77% and improve employees’ work-life balance, but it is saving businesses money on lucrative office spaces.

It’s no wonder then that many are considering doing away with a physical office altogether in favour of the virtual office. In fact, virtual offices have seen a 60% growth since the first lockdown, according to research by Grosvenor House.

What is a virtual office?

Much like a physical office space, a virtual office gives businesses both an address and office-related services, without the cost of a long lease or staff to work on the reception.

Essentially, a virtual office means staff who work remotely can have all the benefits of a physical office - a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing – without having to go in. The only difference is a virtual office doesn’t exist in a fixed location.

Benefits of a virtual office

Improve your profit margin

Offices always come with extra associated costs – to start with, there’s the lease, then there’s utility payments, and other hardware such as desks and computers. Think what you could put that money back into – more staff, better benefits, and mostly importantly, a greater profit margin.

You can go anywhere

Want to live up North but have an office in London? No problem. With a virtual office, you can choose any location you like to register your office. Better yet, establish a presence in multiple locations so you feel local, without having to leave your own home.

Appear bigger than you are

Got a small business and want to retain the cost effectiveness of home working while maintaining a professional company appearance? With a virtual office, now you can. Virtual offices are the perfect solution for small businesses that want to give the appearance of something slightly bigger and more established.

Take advantage of a larger talent pool

When you work from anywhere, your employees can also be based… anywhere. This means you can open up the talent pool so you can pick from the best of the best when making hiring decisions. It also means, should your business grow, you will never outgrow your office. So, you can hire whoever, wherever, and allow your business to grow as and when it needs to.

How Cymphony’s services can enhance your virtual office

Don’t want the overheads of a physical office space and costly administration staff, but want your customers to receive the same responsive and efficient service? This is where outsourcing your customer service resource comes in.

Cymphony exists to fill in the gaps left by the hybrid working system, via our call answering, managed live chat and appointment booking services.

For example, our call answering services centralise all your business calls to a small team of dedicated PAs who answer your calls in your company name, sounding like your own receptionist. So, you never need to miss a call again.

Additionally, our managed live chat services will provide clients with the opportunity to get in touch without the need to call you. Finally, we’ll take care of all your appointments without any errors or miscommunication via our appointment booking services.

To find out how Cymphony’s range of outsourced customer services can support your business in its transition to a virtual office, get in touch at

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