For any business, a positive online business reputation is vital to acquiring and retaining customers. But for small businesses, building a solid reputation can be difficult when competing with the bigwigs.

Our top small budget reputation management tip? Enhancing your customer service.

Good customer service = Good online business reputation

From offering expert advice and a friendly service to always being on hand and answering queries promptly, good service means happy customers. And happy customers means good reviews, feedback, and word of mouth marketing.

Your business’ customer service is usually the first and last touchpoint for any customer, and most customers will communicate with businesses during the purchase process. So your business needs a team of experts who are professional, helpful, friendly, and solve your customers’ problems.

To find out how Cymphony can help improve your online business reputation via expert customer service, and for other tips, read on.

Top 4 reputation management tips

There are many ways you improve your business’ online reputation on a budget, from enhancing your customer service to listening to what your customers have to say.

Get customer feedback

To successfully build on your small business’ reputation, you should seek out feedback and reviews from your customers. By identifying pain points and areas of improvement, you can put the right changes in place to generate new leads, make existing customers happier, and boost your online business reputation. 

Invest in good customer service

The better your customer service, the better your small business’ reputation. So invest in making your customer service a space people can count on to have their problems solved. How? One way is to outsource your customer service to trained experts, like Cymphony’s.

Offer communication options

One of the most useful and easily implemented online business management tips is offering good and easily accessible communication. Your customers don’t always have the time to call, so they should be able to contact you in as many ways as possible, whether that’s via email, on live chat, or via social media.

With the surge of social media and live chat, customers now have more power than ever to steer business’ reputation by leaving positive or negative reviews for the internet to see. So it’s important to offer timely, helpful responses.

User-friendly marketing

You can also improve your business’ reputation by making small changes to your marketing. If you receive a lot of the same questions, update your FAQs. If your product descriptions aren’t detailed enough, offer more information. If your emails are too lengthy, work on making them concise. These little changes can go a long way and boost your business online perception.

How Cymphony can enhance your online business reputation

For help with your small business reputation management, invest in Cymphony’s expert, affordable outsourced customer services:

  • 24/7 telephone answering: Increase leads and retain customers with a professional service they can rely on
  • Live chat services: Give customers a digital way to contact you in real-time
  • Virtual PAs: A dedicated team of customer service agents who know your business and customers inside out
  • Outsourced customer services: From telephone answering and live chat to appointment booking, cater to all your customers’ needs

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