We ask Google a question, it answers immediately. We ask Alexa the time, she tells us straight away. We reach out to a friend on WhatsApp, we hear back instantly. We’re a breed who are used to getting information and answers in a matter of seconds. So it’s no wonder over 41% of customers now expect to see live chat services on websites.

What is a live chat service?

A live chat service is a virtual messenger service housed on your site, which lets your site visitors chat in real-time with a real person.

A subtle pop-up that appears at the bottom of your site, it’s a quick, effortless way for you to create rapport with your customers. Offering them instant information and advice, you can keep them on your site for longer, keep phone call enquiries to a minimum, and convert purchases. Plus, it helps you gain insights into your customer base.

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7 benefits of live chat support

Did you know 46% of people said they’d rather communicate with customer service via live chat than email or social media? From providing expert customer service, to building trust, here are just a few reasons why customers are favouring live chat:

  1. Expert service: Customers still get to chat to experts and have access to the same information as they would via a phone call.
  2. Prompt responses: Live 121 chat gives customers access to instant information and answers, sometimes quicker than over the phone.
  3. Professionally managed: From monitoring chats to providing training, live chat support is managed professionally to give customers unrivalled service.
  4. Available 24/7: Customers can count on your business always being there to support them.
  5. Enhanced privacy: Not all customers have the luxury of at private space to make a phone call, so some feel more comfortable chatting online.
  6. Better customer relationships: Thanks to speedy responses and enhanced privacy, businesses can build trust with customers.
  7. Consistent customer journey: If a customer thinks of a question whilst on site, they have immediate access to an answer without reaching for their phone.

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Why choose Cymphony’s live chat customer service?

At Cymphony, we go the extra mile with our live chat support, to keep you and your business happy.

Easy, breezy integration

Our live chat support integrates with your existing website easily, effortlessly, and seamlessly. When it comes to installation, we’ll send you a simple piece of code to add to the backend of your site. From then on, your site visitors will be able to chat to a Cymphony PA. No lengthy processes, no need to download any software.

Looks like you

It’s important for your customers to feel like they’re talking to someone from your brand. Our live chat is completely customisable to slot right in with your website’s look and feel. By adding your brand’s bespoke colours, fonts, and logo to your live chat, your site stays on brand, and your customers feel like they’re in familiar hands.

Sounds like you

As well as looking the part, our live 121 chat services sound the part too. Our Cymphony PAs have constant access to your FAQs, guides, and required responses, meaning they respond exactly how you want them to, live chat after live chat. No wonder our live chat clients have reported a 300% increase in leads in just one month.

Transcripts at your fingertips

We want you to have eyes on the conversations between our PAs and your customers, so you can see how we’re increasing leads and keeping your site visitors happy. We send all your business’ live chat transcripts to you via Slack or email. And if anything crops up that you’d like to discuss, we’re all ears.

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So, how can live chat can help your business?

Your customer service offering should keep your customers happy and satisfied, and your business’ leads and conversions ticking over. A live chat service can do just that.

All-round customer support

Adding a live chat service to your roster of online customer support will only improve your customers’ experiences. A recent study found that live chat response times were as quick as 2 minutes, whilst social media was 10 hours and email was 12 hours. So your customers get answers fast, and you get through queries quicker.

More, more, more productivity

With a live 121 chat service, you can get through more customer service queries than ever before. Unlike customer service phone calls, our Cymphony PAs can communicate with up to six people at once over live chat, boosting your customer service productivity.

The upper hand on competition

Only 9% of businesses currently use live chat services, but 63% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a website with live 121 chat. So if your business falls into that 9%, the odds are on your side when it comes to conversions and customer satisfaction.

Increased acquisition

With 46% of customers preferring live chat, introducing an online chat service to your business could increase acquisition. Whether it’s down to immediate responses or giving customers more privacy, letting your customers chat live could be the key to making them feel at ease, and your brand feeling more accessible.

Valuable insights

From increased leads to a boost in conversions, the data from live chat services allows you to form accurate insights about your customers, their buying behaviour, and their needs. So, you can implement changes and influence profitable product decisions off the back of genuine results.

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