Phone calls followed by emails, followed by appointment bookings and calendar reviews. Sound familiar? A recent survey, carried out by HR software provider Breathe, found that senior members of small to medium-sized businesses spend a hefty 62 minutes per week on admin. That’s a staggering seven days a year of time and effort that could be better spent.

Our solution? A virtual receptionist.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is an external receptionist who represents your business remotely. Tending to customers’ needs and answering clients’ queries, day-to-day admin tasks are left to outsourced professionals.

Want to know more about virtual receptionists? Step this way. [Link to blog post in pipeline: What is a virtual assistant?]

Why use a virtual receptionist?

By freeing up your and your team’s time with an outsourced virtual assistant service, you can concentrate on the bigger tasks at hand.

Whether it’s identifying growth opportunities, improving client relationships, or finalising budgets. The pesky admin work like answering phone calls and replying to emails can be taken out of your hands and left with experts. You can improve yours and your team’s workloads and productivity with one less thing to do.

What do Cymphony’s virtual assistants do?

Our remote virtual assistants’ main priority is keeping your customers satisfied, well-informed, and listened to. And here’s how they do it:

  • Answer phone calls: Professionally and promptly, always within three rings
  • Respond to email leads: Instantly, increasing chances of conversion by 70%
  • Handle social media: Engaging with customers online, solving queries swiftly
  • Book appointments: Taking organisation and chasing out of your hands
  • Calendar access: Your schedule is taken care of, with no chance of double bookings

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6 reasons why other businesses use Cymphony’s virtual receptionist service

Outsourcing virtual receptionist services with Cymphony comes with reams of benefits. We work with and around you to provide you and your customers with a stellar service and professional people.

The proof in the pudding? Steve Haines from Stuga Machinery Ltd said “Their receptionists have created a positive reputation for the company, helping to generate ongoing sales opportunities.”

Read on to read just 6 of the reasons why businesses like Stuga Machinery Ltd turned to Cymphony:

1. Cost-effective

Cymphony’s remote, virtual receptionists allow you to avoid the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist. So you can invest more money in other parts of your business.

2. On hand 24/7

Even during weekends and bank holidays, our virtual receptionists are on hand. By increasing your availability and accessibility, your customers can work around their own schedules, as opposed to your business’.

3. Increased flexibility

Our virtual receptionists being on hand 24/7 also benefits your business as much as your customers. Whether you work in a different time zone, or have flexible hours, Cymphony’s virtual receptionists will work around you. 

4. No calls missed

Whilst you’ve got a million and one other things to do, it’s near impossible to answer every call and respond to every email promptly. But virtual assistants’ sole responsibility is to be on hand for your customers, so no calls, emails, or messages are missed, increasing customer retention and improving experiences.

5. Exceptional customer service

Every client of ours has its own dedicated team, including an Account Manager, who have all been expertly trained. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, to keep businesses and their customers happy.

6. Improved business image

Responding to emails promptly, answering calls professionally, and having the time to talk to customers. Everything our outsourced virtual assistant service brings with it helps you maintain a professional, trusted image for your brand.

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