The challenges created by COVID-19 have meant that there are many more people looking for employment than usual, and companies who want to recruit are not able to as their offices are closed and their existing workforce is working from home.

Here at Cymphony, we want to keep in touch with people who want to work with us, so we’ll be publishing a monthly job alert. Visit our blogs page to read our latest updates and get a deeper understanding of our core services which are managed live chattelephone answering services, and personal assistants.

A message from Cymphony’s Managing Director, Tim Morris:

It’s been a challenging time over the past few months for everyone in the country. Cymphony hasn’t gone unaffected, our inbound call volumes have reduced. But our wonderful team have all stepped up and made a success during a difficult situation. We have worked as a family, all helping each other and we’re seeing call volumes increase again. We are now looking forward to restrictions being lifted, albeit slowly, and are extremely excited about the future.

Take a read below to learn more about working at Cymphony. And if you know anyone who would like to work with us please do let them know to get in contact with us. We really do value hearing from people who are interested in a career with us.



Who is Cymphony?

What we do

In short, we answer incoming business communications on our clients’ behalf.

We take messages or forward calls to the relevant person and then relay the information back to our clients in an easily digestible format.

We are not just a virtual receptionist but also capture sales leads, take orders, manage bookings, make outbound calls, handle web chats, emails, social media messages, instant messages, and more.

Why we do it:

Building strong relationships with those around you is what life and business are all about. Developing high-value personal relationships is what gets us out of bed in the morning and runs through every element of what we do.

It’s what sets us apart and, in turn, sets our valued clients apart.

Employee Spotlight

The team at Cymphony comes from a variety of different backgrounds and experience levels which we wanted to recognise and see what they think.

That’s why each month we’ll focus on one team member and how their career has developed at Cymphony.

Ellie – Customer Care Agent at Cymphony

I first started with (what was then) Armchair nearly 6 years ago, before we joined with Cymphony. I started out as a PA for a couple of years and then gradually took on more hours and responsibility supporting the Team Leaders, other PA’s over the weekends and helping out with training new recruits. Last year the opportunity came up to be part of the Customer Service Team and I jumped at the chance. I have enjoyed my new job role so far, learning lots of new skills and getting to know new and existing clients and members of the team from the other offices.

Tips for Candidates

Each month we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to make yourself stand out in a saturated job market.

This month, we’ll give you 3 ways to make sure you stand out at interview:

1) Dress appropriately: First impressions are important. You may feel overdressed or uncomfortable turning up to your interview in a suit/dress, but if you do it shows that you committed to making a good impression. If you want to dress in a more relaxed fashion just remember don’t wear: Jeans, Hoodies, Tracksuits, Trainers, Short Skirts/Dresses.

2) Aim to be around 5 minutes early for your interview: This will give you some time to take a breather in the waiting area before you are called in for the interview. Parking is limited at our office so if you are driving in for the interview you may want to give yourself more time to make sure that you are able to park.

3) Do your research: It’s good practice for any interview you attend. If you go to your interview armed with a few facts about what the company does then you will be prepared in case you are asked questions about it. This would mean that you wouldn’t be fumbling for an answer that may not be correct and that you have taken an interest in what the company does.


Normally Cymphony tries to attend as many job fairs and recruitment events as we can. As everything is currently canceled due to COVID-19, we can’t currently attend these events, but check our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates of where you can come and see us in the future.

That’s it from us….

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Its been a challenging time over the past few months for everyone in the country.

Cymphony hasn’t gone unaffected, and we’ve seen our inbound call volumes reduce. When things do return to normal, Cymphony will be looking to recruit full and part-time call handlers.

Why not apply now and as soon as we can reopen our offices and invite candidates to attend interviews, you’ll be the first to know!

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