Christmas swings between being a dream and a disaster for many businesses every year.

As a business owner, you're probably nodding in approval as you have flashbacks of last Christmas.

The panic in the eyes of your employees as they frantically try to handle all the calls coming in, while you feel your control slowly slipping away as those all-important leads go unanswered.

It may be one of the busiest times of the year but if you don't have a plan in place for it, it may not be as lucrative as it should be. 

What should you expect from the season and how to increase sales during Christmas?

In this article, we try and lend a hand by uncovering some of the most common challenges businesses face at Christmas. Then we look at how to ensure they do not get in the way of the increased revenue you should be benefitting from.

Increased Levels of Customer Communication Should Result in Increased Revenue

When the year begins drawing to a close, people have a tendency to want to tie up loose ends. Or they begin to make plans for the new year so that they can enter into it smoothly. 

For businesses, this often means an increase in call volumes from new and existing clients.

It goes without saying that businesses selling products that can be bought as Christmas gifts, will see a huge increase in calls too. According to statistics, brits alone spend £24.2 billion on average every year over the festive period.

This should be something to celebrate. As a business, your main aim is to grow your customer base and increase your revenue. So why can it feel like such a burden?

One of the first rules of business is to make sure you have a healthy cash flow; with your income always outweighing your outgoings.

Therefore, when deciding how much to budget for staff you consider the average amount of business you receive in a year and match it accordingly. 

It's impossible to justify an increased staff body all year round just so that you have enough for the busy Christmas period.

So what's the answer? Luckily, we have one - outsourcing.

Don't waste this precious increase in business; outsource your busiest departments so that you can take on temporary additional staff.

The cost of outsourcing is so much lower than hiring new full-time members of staff, so the revenue they help you to make far outweighs the expenditure.

No more manic customer service department, instead, you can watch with satisfaction as every call is answered professionally and lucratively.

Increased Leads Should be Lucrative

Every business owner knows that leads are the lifeblood of their company. They're the key to business growth.

If this terminology is unfamiliar to you, leads are potential opportunities for new or increased business. 

Christmas is a key time for incoming leads and it's crucial that you make the most of them. Most leads are met by your customer team, so make sure you outsource so that none are missed.

The end of the year should be a time to boost business; ensuring that you enter the new season on a high that will carry your business through the following year. 

61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge so don't underestimate the importance of making the most of the automatic Christmas leads.

Use Live Chat to the Best of its Ability

Live chat is a new form of customer service interface. It consists of a chat box that pops up on your website, offering help to customers.

They're a fast, efficient and ultra-convenient way to communicate with customers. So, if you're facing a hectic Christmas period you should seriously consider integrating this service.

You can even outsource your live chat to take on new temporary members of staff to handle it so that it doesn't put an added strain on your team.

You even have the option of using automated live chat. The benefit of this is that a number of basic customer questions can be answered by a bot rather than a real member of staff.

Chatbots were involved in 59% of all chat interactions in 2018, showing just how popular they have become.

This is a fantastic way to ease the pressure on your customer service team at Christmas, allowing them to focus on more lucrative calls.

Social Media is Your Best Friend When it Comes to Christmas Revenue

One of the most prevalent emotions felt by businesses and customers alike during the festive period is frustration.

One way in which you can keep your customers calm and satisfied is by keeping them informed.

If there's a chance they might be kept on hold for a short while if they call, letting them know in advance can work wonders.

It's also a great idea to post answers to some of the most asked questions online, to cut the numbers of calls coming in.

And the best way to keep your customers informed? Your social media pages. If you don't already have them, they're quick and easy to set up, and totally free! It's a no-brainer. Cymphony can help you if you're unsure.

Social media has so many benefits for businesses. Improved traffic, lead generation, and growing fan loyalty are among the top reasons why marketers see value in employing social networks in their campaigns.

So, make sure this is at the top of your to-do list this Christmas.

Could a Virtual Assistant Help to Make the Season Lucrative? 

One last piece of advice that you may not have considered when planning ahead for Christmas - virtual personal assistants.

At the best of times your smaller, housekeeping style, administrative responsibilities can be time-consuming. They get in the way of being able to focus on the more lucrative aspects of running a business.

At Christmas, they can be even more frustrating as you're pulled from pillar to post at an even greater speed.

Virtual personal assistants are the perfect solution, and guess what? They can be outsourced too!

You can hire them on a temporary basis, over a busy period, to take care of the day to day tasks. This allows you to give your all to more pressing concerns.

It's another way in which you can make sure you're making the most of the potential boost in revenue at Christmas time.

So, if this article resonates with you, this Christmas don't give in to the impending stress of the season. Instead, see it for what it really is a huge opportunity to boost your business!

Outsource in order to catch leads and satisfy your customers, in turn increasing your turnover tenfold. Celebrate what should be a lucrative, not labouring time of year!

For help with how to outsource, or in deciding which method would benefit your business the most, give Cymphony a call anytime.

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