This week we’re focusing on why car dealerships are an ideal partner for outsourcing providers. Outsourcing is the perfect solution for those businesses that often fall behind in certain operational areas due to their fundamental nature. For example, those working in car dealerships will spend the majority of their time on the shop floor chatting with customers and making sales, leaving phone lines unattended. It’s difficult to prioritise taking calls when a customer walks through the door who has the potential to be a considerable source of income.

Outsourcing allows you to make sure every base is covered without having to invest a substantial amount of time and money into hiring new employees. In this instance, a role such as call handler can be difficult to justify paying a full-time salary for, which is another reason why outsourcing is a great solution, as you can rely on it as and when you need it, rather than on a continual basis. Your calls are simply diverted to a third party team. With many outsourcing providers you pay on a  per minute basis, making it even more affordable. Now let’s delve a little deeper into why this option should be considered by car dealerships in particular. 


Diary Management

First of all, many car dealerships offer car maintenance services, and this function requires significant organisation in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. Most people are highly reliant on their vehicles therefore it is paramount that dealerships stick to agreed schedules to avoid negative knock-on consequences. For this reason, diary management should be handled with care and leaving it in the hands of experienced experts such as the virtual personal assistants offered by Cymphony is the best way to achieve this. Furthermore, sending reminders out to customers to bring their attention to the fact, for example, their MOT is due, is a great way of generating business. With the help of third party administrators, going the extra mile in this way is easy.


Follow Ups

Similarly, taking the time to call to follow up queries and conversations with customers, such as those that happen on the forecourt, can play a huge role in converting leads into sales. Normally, car dealerships might find it difficult to find the time and manpower to carry out these extra measures, but by outsourcing these simple tasks to a third party communications provider you can tick every box without breaking the bank. This last point is an important one as you can pay as you go with outsourcing, meaning you only pay for what you need and what will therefore reap rewards, unlike hiring full-time staff to handle inconsistent demand. 


Customer Service

If you’ve even bought a car yourself you know just how anxiety inducing investing that much money can be when you have no assurance that the vehicle will be of high quality. Any worthwhile dealership understands this typical customer apprehension and ensures that they build trust and a strong reputation in order to build their customer base. This is hard to achieve without investing in customer service. Brand with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 time more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.

Your customer service representatives play a crucial role in building that all important bond with customers that will give them the confidence to purchase a vehicle from you. They need to be knowledgeable to show that there is real insight behind the reputation of your business; meaning you can be relied upon to take pride in selling only the best vehicles. They need to be great listeners to show that they care about customers and want them to have a fantastic experience, and they need to be efficient problem solvers for the same reason. 

Outsourcing to a third party of specialist customer service representatives ensures that all of these bases are covered. The staff that Cymphony could provide, for example, have thorough training, skills and experience in the field of customer service and furthermore, the company prides itself on its ability to merge discreetly into their partner businesses, which they achieve through a careful transition of knowledge to ensure that they can deliver on customer expectations. 



As well as carefully nurturing relationships through great customer service, building an excellent reputation is key to running a successful car dealership. Most car buyers are undecided at the start of the shopping process. When they first begin to shop, 6 out of 10 them are open to considering multiple vehicle options. When the buyer is inundated with choice, word of mouth is a powerful motivator when it comes to deciding where to invest their considerable sum. Reputation is a fragile thing; it takes a lot of work to establish yet barely anything to destroy, so protecting it should be a priority. 

But how do you go about maintaining a strong reputation? The key pitfalls to avoid are operational failings and failure to value your customers, as these will cause the most frustration and result in negative word of mouth, feedback and reviews. The best way to ensure that these top priorities are met, is by putting your customer service and administrative functions into the hands of seasoned professionals. This can also be a huge weight off your shoulders and leave you better able to focus on the parts of your role that you enjoy the most, as well as having the ability to add the most value to.

These days, business reviews are so easy to publish and even easier to find, so you simply can’t hide from your mistakes. For car dealerships in particular, who thrive on reputation, this can make your success fragile which is even more reason to prioritise giving time an attention to the core functions of your business. Careful diary Management and customer interaction are a recipe for success, so don’t take them for granted. 


Protecting your Brand

A strong brand comes hand in hand with a strong reputation when it comes to running a successful car dealership, and the key to maintaining a strong brand, no matter what field of business you are in, is consistency. Sure, you may have a day where you’re able to juggle in- house sales, phone and email based customer enquires, diary and office management perfectly, but can you honestly say this a normal day to day occurrence? It’s no use wowing your potential and existing customers one day just to disappoint them the next. 

By outsourcing the major operational aspects of your business to a single high quality third party communications provider, you can stay safe in the knowledge that the cogs are oiled behind the scenes and your customers are experiencing a consistently effective and impressive service, while you focus on boosting sales. By looking after both sides of the coin in this way, you are creating ultimate efficiency and improving your chances of success amongst your competition ten fold.  


Future Goals

As well as helping your dealership to become the best version of itself in the present, outsourcing could also help you to facilitate some seriously lucrative changes to how you run your business in the future. Once you’re ahead of your competitors, it’s important to stay that way by keeping up with industry trends, and one you may or may not have heard of is virtual showrooms. We are beginning to see this new business model take hold in a number of big brand dealerships, and successfully; boosting profitability significantly. 

Virtual showrooms give customers the ultimate in convenience when it comes to buying a car. 53% of consumers use their smartphone to research car models and specs, showing just how important this is to customers. Instead of the age old methods of visiting every dealership within a 30 mile radius of them, customers can now search online for any vehicles that suit their criteria. You might think this isn’t so new, however the future holds the added twist of also being able to have a fully dimensional opportunity to inspect any shortlisted vehicles. This also saves considerable time for you as a sales person, as it allows your customers to get to know all the best aspects of your vehicles without you having to lift a finger. Once they’re interested, they can then come to you to finalise a deal; creating a much shortened investment of time into an even better customer experience.

So where does outsourcing come into this and how can it help to facilitate a transition to this kind of service? Well, as your customers discover the vehicles available in your virtual showroom, they may have initial enquires that can easily be handled by a third party team, again ensuring a high quality experience from the start without any input needed from yourself. They can then book an appointment through the specialist team which delivers them to your door primed and ready to make an offer. A great addition to this customer journey would be a live chat option linked to your virtual showroom; helping to make the customer experience even more efficient and impressive. Live chat agents are also available on a pay per minute basis when you outsource, helping you to stick to your budgets while boosting your profits. 

Outsourcing is fast becoming one of the most effective and affordable ways to build businesses. When it comes to car dealerships in particular, outsourcing is a natural fit for administrative duties that take your focus away from selling. Similarly, in an industry so dependent on great customer service, its an obvious choice to leave this function in the hands of trained and experienced professionals who can provide an impressive and consistent service. It allows you to go the extra mile, protect your brand, strengthen you reputation and build your future, what’s not to love?

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