Virtual services are something businesses have increasingly employed over the past decade, and they have a number of benefits from allowing flexible working and reducing stress, to improving productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked virtual service providers’ success, with businesses rapidly shifting to a digital and virtual business model in order to keep the money coming in.

With the announcement that the government furlough scheme is being extended until October and a percentage of the cost is being passed to employers themselves, many businesses are wondering how to continue to provide their customers with the service they expect, whilst keeping staff costs to a minimum. 

With businesses and customers quickly shifting to an increasingly digital economy, the need for office space is reducing as companies realise they can conduct business without them and use virtual services to conduct business communications instead.

Another consideration is that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to furlough staff or reduce their workforce leading to what has been labeled a skeleton staff business model.

This brings with it the possibility of not having enough staff to handle business demand, for example, not being able to answer all customer questions or onboard new customers.

Please Welcome Virtual Services to the Stage

Virtual services offer opportunities to mitigate the challenge of not being able to meet customer demand or satisfaction levels, which was once achievable through brick and mortar stores or in-person business meetings.

Virtual services are enabling businesses to deal with customer service, internal communications, and bring in new leads.

That’s why in this article we wanted to take a closer look at how virtual services enable a business to focus on business-critical priorities, while not losing the personal branding or customer satisfaction levels.

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Use a Call Answering Service

Using a telephone answering service is a great virtual service that allows your staff members to focus on other work without interruptions.

It can be a key way of helping to reduce the team’s stress levels while ensuring your customers continue to receive the exceptional customer service levels they are accustomed to.

With businesses quickly shifting to a digital economy and workforce due to the pandemic, checking in on your team is important.

You can read the article ‘homeworking stress: how to ease stress when working from home‘ to give you and your team a number of ideas on how to combat stress and make sure they can focus on the tasks ahead.

By using a call answering service, you’re also unlocking your business’ potential to bring in more leads and increase customer numbers.

Not only are you reducing the stress on your team members, but you’re also potentially increasing the amount of business you’re doing, all while keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

Not a bad situation to be in during a pandemic, right?

If you want to find out about more ways your business can excel with a telephone answering service, we recommend you check out the article ‘5 ways a telephone answering service can increase your leads‘ to give you a few ideas.

A telephone answering service makes for an impressive business support function to have as part of your business’ shift to virtual services.

Use Live Chat

A recent survey from Econsultancy found that 79% of consumers prefer Live Chat to telephone calls, because they offer an instant response.  Having a LiveChat option on your website gives your customers the opportunity to get an instant response to their questions. 

Live chat isn’t just a fancy gimmick to have for your website.

live chat service ensures that your existing customers are provided with real-time support, while giving you a gateway to convert website visitors into new customers without needing to increase your team size.

It’s also a great way to enhance your customer service for new and existing customers.

Live chat allows you to ask questions to a business you’re a customer off at 21:00 when you don’t want to be on the phone and just need a quick answer to your question.

We’ve written a detailed review of five ways live chat is improving a business’s customer service, which shows in detail why live chat is becoming an increasing must-have for businesses in the digital era.

Virtual PA Service

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you’re being drowned in administration work, which might include dealing with a flurry of emails and scheduling your next week’s appointments, while aiming to prepare for a potential new client meeting the same afternoon?

Well, I want to tell you, you’re not alone.

Especially now that we’re shifting to an increasing digital distributed workforce where you’re likely also managing getting your children to do their schoolwork while jumping from one video call to the next.

Fortunately, there are virtual services to support you in these challenges.

One particular virtual service is called a virtual personal assistant.

Outsourcing your admin and schedule planning to a virtual assistant means you can expect the tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently without the huge cost of hiring a full-time personal assistant.

Secretarial virtual services can include everything you would expect from a secretary or personal assistant, while ensuring your brand’s tone and communication style remain the same.

You can make sure virtual personal assistants have a detailed understanding of how you like to work so that they can provide you with email management, general administration, travel and accommodation arrangements, and full diary management services to the standard you’re used to.

Does Your Business Need Virtual Services?

You’re now armed with the knowledge of how to use virtual services to help your business, your team, and your customers during this pandemic.

You’ve now got some ideas on how virtual services, that include a telephone answering servicemanaged live chat, and a personal assistant, can enable your business to grow and support your team while we go through this global storm.

If you’re interested in seeing how the virtual services that Cymphony offer can help your business, with a tailored approach that is built around your companies branding, you can contact an experienced member of the Cymphony team today.

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