I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years any of us have faced. Whether we've lost a loved one, lost our livelihood or coped through long periods of loneliness, it's finally time to face a new year with a new objective.

Of businesses that had not permanently ceased trading since the pandemic hit, 42% said they had less than six months' cash reserves and 3% said they had none. But don't panic!

Our expertise allows us to lend a hand to those whose businesses have suffered during the pandemic. You're not alone, and there may be more challenges to come but by setting goals you can keep control of the future of your business.

So, how do we think you should tackle a new but unpredictable year? We have the perfect solution?

Outsourcing is the ultimate flexible solution to temporary and inconsistent business challenges. Here, we take a look at different ways in which you can make the most of outsourcing to achieve a number of lucrative business objectives. 

Banish those business blues by approaching the new year with these positive steps.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process of delegating certain responsibilities to a third-party organisation. And its best feature is the fact that it can be done on a temporary basis. In fact, you have total control over how long you outsource for and how many times a year you do it. 

There are companies like Cymphony that specialise in the key areas that most businesses need a helping hand with. For example, busy periods of high call volumes can be contributed to by call handling centres.

So what are the most popular business functions that are outsourced, and how can they help you to achieve lucrative objectives?

Objective One: Make the Most of Your Leads

For those who don't know, leads are opportunities that your business has. Whether that's an opportunity to increase your customer numbers or an opportunity to extend a deal with a client.

Leads are key to business survival and, in particular, business growth. But it's amazing how many businesses don't make the most of these vital opportunities.

One of your key objectives going into the new year should be to prioritise catching and converting leads. 49% of companies report that increasing customer acquisition is their primary objectives.

Outsourcing is a brilliant way to do this, as it ensures that all incoming communication is seen and answered in the best way possible. Depending on who you outsource to, the temporary staff you benefit from are highly trained. For example, Cymphony staff know exactly how to make the most of your leads.

Objective Two: Add Live Chat to Your Website

Live chat is fast becoming the most popular customer service interface. This is thanks to its efficiency and convenience. In fact, 79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses.

Live chat is a pop-up box that appears when a visitor accesses your website. It gives them the opportunity to type out any questions they have, which can then be answered.

You can provide what's known as a chatbot, which is an automated service that provides automatic answers to the most popular questions.

The most obvious benefit this has for you is that it doesn't require any staff at all yet handles a significant number of customer requests. However, it's not always suitable for more complex questions and can cause frustration.

So, consider outsourcing your live chat to real staff so that your customers have a great experience with your company. It's still a fast and convenient way to cut down enquiry volumes. And if you outsource to Cymphony, installing the software is as easy as pie!

Objective Three: Take On a Virtual Personal Assistant

Up until now, the idea of hiring a personal assistant seemed reserved for high-up directors of large corporations. 

But times are changing and this hugely beneficial option is now available to everyone. And you guessed it, this is thanks to outsourcing.

You can now take on a virtual personal assistant as and when you need them. Only 59% of virtual assistants work full time.

This is a far more affordable option than hiring a permanent, new member of staff who you have to train. 

If you source them through Cymphony, they're already experts who are ready to go. All you'd need to do is familiarise them with your specific needs, and your business.

Virtual personal assistants are flexible, convenient and perfect for handling those day to day activities that can take up so much of your valuable time. Free up more time to dedicate to boosting your business in 2021.

Objective Four: Consider Using a Call Handling Service

Most business owners share the stress of handling high call volumes during busy periods. It can feel like swimming against the current, trying to keep up.

Yet you can't justify hiring full-time members of staff to meet demand when the number of calls you receive differs so much throughout the year.

Outsourcing to an expert telephone answering service provider to somewhere like Cymphony is the answer to this problem too. You can take on pre-trained members of staff on a temporary basis, as and when you need them to answer calls.

This ensures that you catch any incoming leads as well as keeping your customer service standards high. Maintaining excellent existing client relationships is just as important as business growth.

So, I hope I've given you some hope that this year things might look up! Just because the challenges your business is facing are unpredictable, doesn't mean you can't handle them. 

Thanks to the flexible and affordable nature of outsourcing, you can now set some lucrative and easily achievable objectives for 2021! If this sounds good to you, give Cymphony a call to see how they can help.

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