Being a small business doesn’t always mean you have to look like one. Here are some of the best ways to make your business image soar so that you can attract new leads.

Being a small business has lots of perks; you can often work locally and create a wholesome, easy-to-trust brand.

However, sometimes bigger companies have it easier; naturally attracting more customers and a wider audience thanks to their size and the successful image this gives them.

Using a few clever tricks, small businesses can achieve a greater image of scale. Appearing to be a larger business than you are has lots of benefits, which we want to share with you in this article.

Larger organisations are often associated with being more reputable and well established. For businesses to become large in scale, a company must be doing something right with their customers.

If consumers believe you have a huge loyal following, they’re far more likely to be interested in your services.

Ultimately, the impressions made on potential customers can lead to an increase in custom for your business, in turn, increasing your sales and revenue.

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1. Choose the Right Phone Number

This is a trick that not many people are aware of. The phone number you advertise will make a big impression on potential customers.

Using a mobile phone number immediately labels you as a small business without a dedicated business landline. Avoid this if possible.

It suggests that you are often out and about, perhaps without an office. It might not give the impression of the scale you’re looking for.

However, it’s not necessary to set up a whole new landline number for your business.

There are thousands of virtual numbers available that can still redirect to your mobile or home phone without the caller being aware.

It’s important to choose the best phone number to reflect your business. An 0800 freephone number gives the impression that your business is much larger than it is.

As 0800 numbers are completely free to call from landlines and mobiles, you are also proving to your customers that you have thought about them.

An alternative is to use an 03 number. 03 numbers are the newest range of numbers to be introduced to the UK and help you to create the illusion of a national presence as they don’t limit your business to a certain geographical area.

Local numbers starting with 01 or 02 might also be a suitable choice for your business, as they can represent a certain location that you might want to target.

Lastly, create a menu option that greets callers, or ask them for an audio announcement. This helps you to know whether it’s a business or home number calling, so you can handle it in the most appropriate manner.

2. Use a Telephone Answering Service

You can use a telephone answering service like Cymphony’s to handle all your business calls. We ensure that your company’s branding and message stays consistent so your customers are unaware.

A telephone answering service is a great first point of contact for your customers. It ensures that your business’ incoming calls can be answered in a professional manner.

The calls can then be put through to a relevant member of your team or if no one is available, a message can be taken.

Alternatively, a call handling service is a great solution for when you just can’t get to the phone.

I encourage you to read the article ‘how a telephone answering service can get you leads 24/7‘ to find out about the other ways in which your business can benefit from using one.

On another note, voicemails are impersonal and customers can never be sure whether their call will be returned. In comparison, virtual receptionists are a much better way to interact with your callers.

Not only do they experience better customer service, but it also gives the impression of a larger business as there’s always someone available to answer calls. Teamed with a call handing service it’s the perfect package.


3. Use a Virtual Office

As a small business, you may not have a dedicated office space, you may even work from home. Even those businesses with offices may not want to advertise its location.

However, this doesn’t give a particularly good impression to prospective customers.

A virtual office is a great solution. It allows you to have a registered business address in a prestigious location such as London, without the cost.

Having a London address immediately creates a larger, more established business image and if you combine this with a local London phone number, it’s likely that you can expect to see some growth in your business!

Virtual offices can offer registered business addresses, mail forwarding, and often even meeting room hire.

4. Make a Good Website

An online presence is vital for your business; ensuring both the visibility of your brand and the credibility of your business. Your website should reflect the quality of your services, to improve your business image.

You can use reviews and testimonials on your website to reiterate the quality of your business online. The more customers that vouch for your exceptional service, the larger and more impressive you seem.

They also show you understanding your customer’s pain points and offering a suitable solution for their needs.

Although it may be tempting to create your own website to keep costs down, unless you are a competent coder it may be more beneficial to outsource your website development.

Outsourcing certain functions of your business, such as those that your team might not have experienced in, or those that take too much time, can be a solution for improving the efficiency of your business.

Check out the article ‘Everything you need to know about the benefits of outsourcing for your business‘. It gives a detailed breakdown of the benefits you can expect from using an outsourced service, which in this case might be outsourcing the design of your website to experts.

5. Create a Social Media Presence

It’s also important to create a social media presence online, where you can advertise your business and interact with consumers and related services.

The more followers and interactions you generate, the larger your business will seem to potential customers.

It’s vital that your business tries to engage regularly on a platform targeted to your audience.

Rather than spreading yourself thinly by posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, focus on whichever your particular audience is most likely to interact with.

In order to appear larger, your business should focus on how it is presenting itself both online and through other forms of communication tools, such as live chat.

Live chat is becoming a big hit with businesses, due to its ability to capture information from a user and potentially make a sale without needing a human input.

You can see how live chat can enhance your business by reading the article "key features of our live chat services". It gives a full breakdown of the benefits your business could see by implementing live chat.

A virtual office allows you to experience all the perks of a prestigious business address without the excessive costs of having an actual office there.

A positive online presence, including a professional website and interactive social media accounts, are essential for building a larger community image.

There are many cost-effective ways that small businesses can take advantage of, to create an image of scale. All of these methods also allow your business to grow larger organically, helping you to achieve the larger business size you’re aiming for.

Do You Need a Premium Communication Service to Make Your Business Look Bigger?

You’ve now got five ideas for how to make your business look bigger and the kinds of benefits it can potentially bring if you implement them.


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