Quality without compromise

Outsourcing your calls is a big deal. You need to know that the PAs representing your business will never let you down. The Cymphony Quality Assurance Program ensures that every interaction we have with our clients and their customers is exceptional.

Put our quality to the test:


Dedicated Quality Assurance Team

Quality is taken care of by a team of in-house QA professionals, who ensure that every interaction our PAs have with your clients is of the highest possible standard. Our specialism is building strong relationships with our clients and their customers. This allows you the freedom to get on with what you do best, knowing your relationships are being looked after by the best in the business.

Message review

Our QA team regularly review each client’s calls, messages and chats. We never stand still – there is always room for learning and improvement.

Extensive onboarding

The best onboarding program in the business. Care and dedication are taken to ensure every single PA handling your calls or chats has received first-class training and understands your business.

Industry specialism

Our PAs work in small collaborative teams that encourage knowledge sharing. By grouping our PAs by industry and specialism we achieve unrivalled quality.


Recurrent Knowledge Update Sessions

Every single piece of information, feedback, suggestion & review shared by you is explained to all the PAs in-person by the Dedicated Account Manager & QA Team.

Continual process reviews

Our client services team regularly review call processes and update scripts for accounts to ensure they still serve their purpose in the best way possible.

Account management

We believe that success and communication are interlinked. Cymphony clients are assigned an Account Manager who will regularly feedback with you.

Real-time updates

Each PA receives a real time notification when a process or piece of information changes on your account. Our PAs are always kept up to date with your movements.


Continual Tests & Evaluations

Cymphony PAs are put through frequent tests as well as surprise evaluations to ensure they are always hitting the mark.

PA performance

We measure our PAs performance against several criteria, including tone of voice, accuracy and crucially, against the outcomes you set them.

Extensive onboarding

All our managed live chats come with the option for your clients and web visitors to leave a rating and feedback. We use this data to benchmark our performance and identify areas of improvement.


We incentivise our PAs to deliver their best by linking their bonuses & every other perk directly with their performance in our call handling service and feedback from clients.


Exceptional People. No Compromise.

Our philosophy is simple. We hire the best people, give them the best training and empower them to provide exceptional service for our clients.

The best people

Since our PAs represent both our client’s business and ours, we ensure that the quality of staff we employ matches your expectations as well.

Staff engagement

High employee engagement and low staff turnover ensure continuity and quality of service for our clients.

Gold standard training

All PAs complete a rigorous three-week training programme that brings them up to our accredited standards before they answer their first live call.


Top Notch QA Technology

Every technology investment at Cymphony is focused on improving the quality and efficiency of our service. Our hi-tech QA system helps to power our Industry leading level of accuracy in our messages to you.

Client portal

State-of-the-art client portal and app to gives you the capability to control & tailor each & every aspect of the service.

Uncompromising accuracy

Accuracy in your messages is critical. We were the first answering service to introduce postcode and email checker tools into our call handling software.

Continuity of service

Committed up-time of more than 99%. No single point of failure. We have three offices strategically located in The North and South of England and Scotland.

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