Why do I need a lead qualification service?

Our lead qualification services mean that you’ll be supported by experts in customer sales support to ensure that any potential, valuable leads are qualified.

With fully managed customer appointments and responses that integrate with your CRM system, you can be sure to never miss any valuable leads. In addition, by outsourcing your lead qualification, you can ensure your future customers get top quality treatment right from the word go.

With a customer first attitude and a personal approach that is fully in tune with your brand’s core values, our experts will manage your customer enquiries right the way from initial contact to lead.

  • In-call appointment booking
  • Access to business diaries
  • 24/7 responses
  • Qualify leads
  • No contracts, just 30-day agreements
  • Dedicated, expert team

Lifetime money-back guarantee

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main priority. So, if you aren’t happy with our service, cancel anytime with immediate effect thanks to our lifetime money-back guarantee. Plus, we’ll refund any unused calls along with your previous month’s subscription.

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4 reasons to try Cymphony’s lead qualification services

Icon Appointment Booking In Call Appointment Booking

In-call appointment booking

With access to our clients’ diaries, our virtual assistants can schedule appointments over the phone, right there and then to ensure you never miss any valuable leads.

Icon Appointment Booking Dedicated, Expert Team

Dedicated, expert team

Your business will have its own dedicated team of Cymphony experts in customer sales support. To ensure any potential leads will be qualified, and your business will be represented in the best light, time after time.

Icon Appointment Booking 24 7 Responses

24/7 responses

We have agents on hand to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to cater to any business or client need.

Icon Virtual Assistant No Contracts

No contracts, just 30-day agreements

Our clients’ happiness and peace of mind comes first. So, at Cymphony we only deal with 30-day agreements. No contracts here.

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