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Free 30 Days Chat Service to Treble Your Leads

Exceptional people and technology to manage your website chats.

Triple Your website leads

You’re spending a small fortune driving traffic to your website, but most of those visitors leave without a trace. Sounds familiar right? You’re not alone. On average just 2% of visitors convert to a lead or sale. Cymphony chat clients boast conversion rates at least 3 times the average for their industries.

If you’re serious about lead generation and improving the ROI of your marketing, speak to us today about a free 30 day trial.

How it works

Getting started couldn’t be easier. We send you a small piece of code to add to your website. Don’t worry, you don’t need a programming degree, it’s a simple 2-minute copy and paste job. From this point, visitors to your website will have the option to start a chat, or your Cymphony PA will automatically greet visitors with Proactive chat.

Now, sit back and relax as we send you full chat transcripts via email or Slack. We can even connect you to Live chat leads with a voice call. Get started now with a free 30 day trial.

Conversations into conversions

A typical website converts just 2% of visitors. That means 98% of visitors leave without saying goodbye and will probably never return. Cymphony managed chat clients report a 300% increase in lead generation with the chat service in just one month.

Same traffic. More sales

Don't be fooled into believing that visitors will just pick up the phone or submit a web form if they want to talk. Many aren't ready to take that step. A quick chat with a Cymphony PA can be the difference between a bounced visitor and a valued new customer.

We provide the people & the technology

With so many chat software soloutions available, choosing the right one for your business is a challenge. Handling and responding to chats is another story altogether. Save yourself the time and hassle. We provide leading software and dedicated agents, ready to hit the ground running today.

Start converting now with 3 easy steps

Turn your website into an interactive selling and customer service tool

Live Connect

Transfer the hottest prospects direct from live chat to a voice call to create exceptional high-converting leads and awesome customer experiences.

Our chat team can pre-qualify prospects following guidelines you set. Once qualified we can connect your sales team directly. You will be briefed before the call is transferred and the full chat transcript will be available once the chat has ended.

Free Consultation with a Digital Expert

Free advice and support from a member of the chat concierge team. Discuss your online and customer service objectives with a digital guru today.

Proactive Chat

How often do you lose out on a sale because visitors to your site lack the information they needed?

By proactively reaching out with timely and relevant help and guidance, our clients have found that they are 3 times more likely to convert visitors into customers.

Advanced Reporting

A range of reporting options to inform your marketing and customer service departments. Measure the number of daily chats, customer satisfaction and our response times. Calculate ROI of your marketing efforts with chat attribution. You can even see the order value of each chat if you're running an Ecommerce site.

Featured Chat Integrations

Unite your business by integrating your favourite tools and apps with Livechat.

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Customer service is in our DNA

97% of our chats are rated excellent

We answer calls, chats and social media queries for thousands of UK businesses. They trust us because we work closely with them to provide outstanding and personal service with every single interaction.

As a Cymphony Managed Chat client you will be assigned a dedicated PA to answer your chats. Backed up by a small support team, they will get to know your business and your customers. It’s a very successful model with 97% of our chats rated excellent. We wont be happy until that figure is 100%.

Customise to fit your website & Brand

Looks are everything. This is your brand and your website. Your chat widget shouldn’t look out of place.

Personalise the chat experience with your company logo, brand colours and fonts. You have total control of the chat widget and chat window.


Can I handle chats myself and use Cymphony for overflow or backup?

Yes. Our prefered chat platform is LivechatInc but we can manage overflow on other platforms on request. Let the team know what is required and we will walk you through your options.

Will I be charged for every chat, even if it’s a nuisance visitor or spam?

No. We only charge for chats where a visitor actually engages. As standard this means at least three lines of conversation within the chat. If it's a nuisance visitor or spam, your PA will flag it and you will not be charged for the chat.

How does your pricing work?

We don’t do hidden set-up fees or admin charges. Our flexible pricing schemes include bundles of chats so you’re only paying for what you need.

Am I tied to a long-term contract?

No. Relationships are built on mutual trust, not long-term contracts. Our chat plans are all monthly rolling.

Why do I need Live chat on my website? Won’t my customers call or email me if they want to talk to me?

They might, but many visitors aren't ready to take that step. A friendly web chat can provide the information and confidence a prospect needs to make that purchase or pick up the phone and talk.

How can I trust someone that isn't directly employed by me to know and understand my business?

Outsourcing can be a scary decision to make; but believe us, you are in very capable hands. We assign you a dedicated PA to get to know your business. That way we can ensure absolute quality and accountability for every single interaction.

My website doesn't get many visitors, should I bother with Live chat?

We work with a range of clients. Some get thousands of daily visitors, others just a few. One chat and one bit of business can make all the difference. Why not give Live chat a try? It's free for a month after all.

Try it For free

To find out more get in touch today. Don't worry this won't be a sales call, we'll just learn a bit more about your business and how Managed Live chat could work for you.

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