How a telephone answering service can get you leads 24/7

Posted by - Tom Allen on the 5th August 2020

With the current situation, it’s no surprise that business sales and new leads have dropped with only a limited amount of high street businesses being able to keep their brick and mortar stores open. Fortunately, a good majority of businesses now have an online presence to be able to continue selling throughout the pandemic but that doesn’t mean the leads are still coming in. At Cymphony we want to uncover to you how a telephone answering service can get your business leads 24 hours a day while optimising your business for greater success.

The way businesses operate has changed a lot since COVID-19 and working from home has become the new normal as companies’ team members have quickly shifted to conducting business matters digitally and remotely.

If by the end of this you think you could use a telephone answering service, please get in contact with a member of the team at Cymphony where they will be happy to discuss your business needs and how we can add value to help you capture more telephone leads no matter the time of the day.

What can a telephone answering service do for your business?

The capabilities of a telephone answering service have really shown their worth during the COVID-19 pandemic with companies having to put their people, teams, departments, and the entire business on furlough.

If you’re a business that handles a high number of calls a week and you’ve quickly lost the bulk of your workforce, it leaves the puzzle of how you can make sure you’re answering the phones.

Let’s use the business example of a clinic to show how a telephone service might help answer the increase of calls while not losing any of the clinic’s personal branding or style of communication.

Clinics were given the green light to open back up again in May which brought the potential for a higher than average call volume with the same number of people on the team available to answer the increased calls.

The clinic can onboard a new member of the team, however, this brings with it an increase in costs and time. The costs come from having a new member on the team and setting them up on systems and the time comes from having to upskill them to make sure they’re familiar with the business and comfortable handling the call volume. If the new member of the team is only answering calls, it can leave the clinic with added costs for someone who isn’t doing anything when the call volume goes out of peak times.

The clinic can of course ask other members of the team to answer the phone when it rings, however, this is taking them away from offering its core service which can lead to lower customer satisfaction and less customers served.

By using a telephone answering service, the clinic used in the example can expect to have its business costs lowered while having shorter onboarding times due to dealing with a company such as Cymphony who offers premium communication tools that include a telephone answering service on a 24/7 basis.

A clinic is just one example out of thousands across various industries where a telephone answering service can serve a business by enhancing efficiency and lowering costs at the same time.

How a telephone answering service captures more leads for your business

By having a telephone answering service you’ve got insurance that you’re collecting the calls you might have missed due to circumstances you weren’t expecting, with some of these calls being potential customers enquiring about your businesses services.

For example, let’s use an estate agent who’s recently listed a number of properties in an area that is in high demand with people keen to move in as quickly as possible.

It’s possible the number of people looking for a new home or to rent in a new area rose when estate agents were give the go ahead to reopen in May.

This gives estate agents the possibility of higher than usual call volumes while having the same sized team with some possibly still on furlough due to smaller business income for the past months.

Members of the team could all be out showing potential tenants houses and flats which can now be done virtually where they need their focus on the current customers. This brings the higher risk of members of the team not being able to answer the phones and losing leads as a result.

The estate agents now have three options available to them for how to handle the increased call volume. The choices are to do nothing about it and carry on missing potential leads, hire a new member of the team who’s role is to specifically take calls which comes at a cost in both time and money, or onboard a premium communication tool provider who have decades of experience handling similar calls in a tailored manner.

First point for doing nothing about it should not be considered as who wants to miss out on extra potential customers when the demand is there?

Like we used in the clinic example before, on boarding a new member to the team is definitely a viable option, however, it’s important to note the risk that the new team member might not have much to do when the sales volume drops.

By on boarding a telephone answering service provider, the estate agents have now effectively cut their costs of acquisition while ensuring they’re not missing any new leads or existing potential clients ringing up.

In the estate agents case, this has allowed the team members to focus on the customer they’re with while being able to follow up with the next customer instead of just missing the call in which the customer runs a higher chance of going to a competitor.

Now imagine the estate agents in this example have coupled the telephone answering service with a managed live chat on its website.

Not only are they not missing the leads coming through the phone but they’re also making sure they are capturing inquiries through the website and maximising their client list for when new properties come to the market.

Why an answering service can free up your time

By now it should be making sense that if you’re stretched for time, a telephone answering service can enable you to use your time to focus on customers already in front of you in the examples of the clinic and estate agents we’ve gone through together.

Now imagine you’ve taken the leap to take on a premium communication tool such as the telephone answering service offered by Cymphony.

All the calls you and the team were rushing around to make sure you could get to the phone to answer and getting back to people from the calls that were missed are now a problem of the past. You’ve all of a sudden got a weight off your shoulder and have more time in your schedule to focus on business priorities and add value to your business.

The amount of time you and the team could have possibly spent on the phone dealing with inquiries or leads mounts up over a period of a month, a quarter, and six months.

Thanks to employing a telephone answering service, you’ve now had this time to focus on other initiatives, follow up in more detail with the leads you didn’t miss, and get more of your customers questions asked leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Does your business need a telephone answering service?

We’ve now gone through the different aspects of how a telephone answering service can help your business get more leads, increase your businesses efficiency, and how it can give you and the team more time to focus on growing your business while not losing the personal touch.

One thing we haven’t discussed together is how Cymphony’s telephone answering service can help your business specifically.

If you’ve read the above and have questions on how a telephone answering service can add more value to your business, then please contact a member of the Cymphony team today to discuss a tailored approach that enables you to reach your goals.