Five Ways Your Business Can Maximise Profits By Using Call Centre Services

Posted by - Tom Allen on the 2nd September 2020

It’s not uncommon for businesses to want to succeed and maximise profits where possible. Have you ever wondered how you can maximise your business profits? A way you can increase your business profit levels and customer satisfaction levels are by introducing call centre services.

Businesses entire existence have been put at risk due to COVID-19 while other businesses have struggled to keep up with demand due to going down to a reduced workforce.

This has led to knock-on challenges in the functioning of the business struggling ranging from customer experience through to operational efficiency.

Forbes highlighted in an article that poor customer experience can erode a company’s brand and reputation while preventing more opportunities from occurring.

Not all hope is lost. Fortunately there are solutions to these challenges.

One of these solutions is by using call centre services. In a basic overview, a call centre allows you to outsource part of your business operations that include inbound communications.

Just quickly, if you’re wondering what other benefits outsourcing your business processes can do for your business, make sure you give the article ‘Everything you need to know about the benefits of outsourcing for your business‘ a read as there are some tips in there that can show you how to increase your business potential.

Now, back to call centres. What can call centres do for you and why are we talking about them in this article?

Call centres can build customer loyalty, increase sales, give you a competitive advantage, improve your professional image, and save your company money if done correctly.

These are important considerations for a business that wants to succeed.

That’s why we’re about to go into detail about how call centre services can allow your business to maximise profits.

Cymphony always wants to ensure you have the most information when deciding on whether or not to use an outsourced service such as a telephone answering service which is why this article will outline five ways in which call centres can boost your business profits.

If by the end of this article, you would like to find out more about how a telephone answering service can enable your business to achieve more, please contact an experienced member of the Cymphony team today.

1) You can build customer loyalty and confidence with a call centre

It’s not uncommon for a call centre to have scripts that they use and build their conversations off when answering your business calls. This can often lead the customer to feel as if their relationship with the company is not personalised, which is likely not what you want.

Allowing call centre agents to follow guidelines but still insert a personal touch can help create a relationship with the client which is why you should always choose a telephone answering service provider you can trust to handle your calls in a bespoke manner to your business.

Your customers are likely going to want a representative who is understanding of their pain point and how you, as a business, can help provide a solution to that pain point.

For example, being courteous and taking the time to invest in your customer’s problem and investigate your customer’s queries would likely be highly appreciated with the result being a better relationship with your customer and building loyalty with your customer.

That ties in with the point that your call representatives need to be good listeners.

Each one of your customers has a different story to tell and one that needs to be heard. People love to be heard and listened to. It’s likely your customer is no different.

If the customer is listened to, they will feel more appreciated. In addition, the fact that they were listened to and helped would automatically create a bond and hopefully, a potential loyal customer for your business.

The approach a customer representative should have is one that is optimistic and willing to help. Positivity can get you far and it is surprising the effect is can have on your customers. Being positive allows you to have a repour with your customers. In addition, positivity often leads to clear and concise communication which can cause the customer to become more open to suggestions which creates a trusting bond between your brand and the customer.

It’s important that you make sure the call centre your outsourcing the work to use the appropriate technology to enable them to carry out thorough analysis of how the call was handled.

Technology can make the call processes run smoother and allow you to understand the calls that have taken place to improve for future calls. Updated technology can enable a better customer experience since call centres can answer almost immediately during working hours.

Finally, taking responsibility for errors and having the attitude that ‘the customer is always right’ can often boost your customer loyalty. This shows a great attitude towards your customers. Additionally, it is the customer representative’s job to ensure the customer understands the situation.

You can get your customers to become loyal by using the above steps and we recommend you use a provider who can provide these points so your products and services can boost profits.

2) A call center can increase your sales and reduce lost opportunities

Accolade support stated that several tests have shown that over 90% of customers will not leave a voicemail when considering a purchase. 

That’s a big number of missed opportunities for your business if you can’t get to the phone.

In today’s digital world with lower attention spans, your customers will expect service immediately and will become reluctant to return if their inquiry is not solved instantly. It’s why it’s not a bad idea to ensure your telephone answering service provider is performing well and following the tips we’ve outlined above to add another layer to ensure you don’t lose new customers.

It is the customer representatives’ task when working at a call centre to make sure that the customer is satisfied and understands the situation at hand. The more positive and helpful your telephone answering representative’s approach, the more likely your new customer will return.

Additionally, customers will often threaten to not return to a company if they are dissatisfied with the service. You can expect them to write a bad review about your company if the answering service wasn’t in line with what they expected which of course is not ideal for the look of your brand. If your customer representative is trained properly, they should be able to change the customer’s opinion of the business and offer some sort of solution for the problem caused. This can create a positive twist on the situation and ideally create a loyal returning customer.

Loyal returning customers can be a gold mine for your business due to having them committed to only using your service while also bringing a low cost per acquisition rate. There is an emphasis on establishing strong, friendly, and reliable customer relationships. The interaction needs to be positive and create a personal bond with your customers so that they feel valued and listened to. Customers that create a bond with the company will return in the future which will profit your company massively in the long run when looking at a metric like the customer lifetime value. If you do a good service to your customers, you can expect them to recommend your services, bringing more clientele at a cheap cost with a better expectation.

As stated by 3C Contact Services, call centres are a place where promotions, offers, and deals can be highlighted to the customer. This would attract them to buy the product or service especially if the call representative is a strong salesman and convinces them to make a purchase.

Customers like deals and offers, anything that makes it seem like they are getting more for their money is deemed attractive.

Your call representatives can take advantage of this and can create a friendly bond so that the company seems as if they value their customers.

3) A call centre can give you a competitive advantage

It is important for companies to stand out from each other in order to achieve success and remain in top form. And this is becoming increasingly hard to do with the number of options available to us in the digital world where competitors are only one click away.

This means going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and keeping customers satisfied. The better your customer service is, the more customers your company will likely retain when problems occur.

Call centres can help solve customer queries, however, not all call centres will be available with its telephone answering service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Having an answering service provider available 24/7 allows you to make your company have a competitive edge.

The Telegraph highlighted how businesses that can offer a 24/7 service have a major competitive edge and will turn into the future. This article was in 2017.

Would you agree that having your products on offer 24/7 would give you a big benefit today? You’re likely thinking, “of course, who doesn’t?!” because it’s such a standard aspect for a business to have today, especially e-commerce focussed companies.

Live chat has also changed the way in which you can communicate with your customers at any time of the day without even needing to be on the phone with anyone. This article isn’t about live chat, however, it’s good to quickly mention this is an enabler that can really enhance your business communication and opens up a new avenue of bringing leads through the door. You can read our article titled ‘Why your business needs to be using live chat‘ to understand another way you can effectively communicate with potential customers.

It is more appealing since customers can call at any time. This makes the process more convenient for the customer.

At the present time, the factor that differentiates thriving and struggling businesses is the quality of customer service. The quality of customer service is fundamental because whenever the quality of customer service drops, the number of loyal customers may decrease. Therefore, immaculate customer service is what companies currently require in order to stand out from the competition and be the best.

When it comes to success, companies need to find innovative ways to stand out. By having 24/7 call centres this should boost the relationship with customers. In addition, research on other companies and their call services could give your company ideas to consider in the future.

4) Professional Image

The professional image a company has determines which customers they attract. Greeting customers appropriately and being proactive as a call service representative will create a positive experience for the customer. The better the experience the more likely they will return to your company. In turn this would increase profits and sales.

Here is a list of tips on how to professionally handle a call from a customer:

  • There should be well developed scripts that call representatives use each time they answer the phone. It should not be so rehearsed that it becomes unnatural with the customer as it can prevent a semi-personal bond with the customer.
  • Call representatives should be polite and willing to solve problems. This shows they care about the customer and that you are prioritising them.
  • Customer representatives should take responsibility for any problem that may have been the company’s fault. ‘The customer is always right’ should be a moto for call representatives to try and fulfil as best as possible.
  • Call representatives should offer solutions and be helpful so that the experience becomes less negative.
  • Call representatives should promote any deals/ offers available to entice the customer to make a purchase to boost profits.

There is the importance behind making sure your business has good customer service.

By your business accommodating your customer and make their buying process as easy as possible, you will likely notice that your customers will feel they can confide in you, trust you, and feel appreciated. If this is achieved, then it’s likely they will write your business good customer review, be keen to take part in a case study, and pass referral clients along.

5) You can save time and money

TechRepublic stated in a recent survey that 49% of people are reluctant to make online purchases. Customers do not want to have to write a long email or wait for a reply if they have a question or an issue before purchasing, especially now that attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter with the amount of noise in the digital world. This simply wastes time and you will find that your potential customers will be going elsewhere to get their needs met.

Another great reason why you can look at implementing live chat into your business, if you haven’t already.

Having a phone number for customers to call increases the confidence of your potential customers so they know you have a number they can speak to a representative on. You can do this while saving yourself time and money by outsourcing the work to a telephone answering service provider.

To illustrate this point in a situation, we’ve given an example of using a telephone answering service provided by a call centre to show how you can save time and money.

You’re a small car dealership and you’ve got a small capable team. You’ve now decided you want to increase your business and have deployed marketing strategies to get more people through the door. All of a sudden the people who used to be able to handle the phones have got caught up in either selling the cars, going with them on test drives, and doing the admin for after a car has been sold.

This has led to missed calls which you might not think of as a great deal, however, you’re now missing new business where you’re not getting back to people and as a result losing even more business.

You decide to use a telephone answering service and all of a sudden you notice not only are you saving your teams time by them not sitting on the phone with someone, you’re also making sure the first contact is made, the details are taken, and given them re-assurance you’ll be back in touch to follow up.

Over time, say a six-month period, those calls stack up, the missed opportunities stack up, and the missed revenue stacks up. Not to mention having customers on board for further down the pipeline which increases your customer lifetime value.

The more satisfied the customers the more likely they will return. Non returning customers mean the company is at a loss so this should be avoided at all costs.

Overall, people prefer to receive personalised emails and personalised phone calls instead of an automatic response. People want to speak to a customer representative that is optimistic and willing to help them with their queries.

Why? It makes the calling experience more personal and real for your customers and makes it more valuable for your customers.

The direct contact makes the process quick and efficient and provides a repour with your customers which will ideally encourage them to purchase again from you.

Does your business need to increase its profits?

You’ve ideally got an idea now of how a call centre and the telephone answering service they provide can enhance your business for the better.

We always recommend you do your research before onboarding a company to handle your calls as it’s an area that can affect your brand if your answering service providers are not thoroughly trained on your brand, your business, and the service you provide.

If you’ve got to the end of this article and you’re now thinking whether or not using a communication service such as telephone answering is a good choice for your business, please contact an experienced member of the Cymphony team.

We always pride ourselves on making sure our customers goals are at the forefront of what we do with the services we offer, which include telephone answering, and making sure we create a bespoke solution that works for you.