Handling Your Calls During The Coronavirus Crisis

A message from Tim Morris, Managing Director at Cymphony: Handling Your Calls During The Coronavirus Crisis

Latest update 31st August 2020

As the coronavirus emergency continues to affect all our lives we will continue to keep you informed of our current actions to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus on our clients, our staff, and our business.

This communication will help you understand what we have done at Cymphony:

At the beginning of the pandemic, we closed our physical office entirely and all staff worked from home. Our office is now fully functional again with strict COVID-19 risk-mitigating processes in place. This includes social distancing for our team, which means a number of our PAs who answer calls continue to work from home. While social distancing is still a government guideline we will continue to restrict the number of PAs working in our physical office, to ensure our team’s safety at work.

Some of our other team members such as the Client Care team, Quality Assessment team, and some management remain working from home.

Our Live Chat team are working from home.

Our inbound call volumes are now higher than they were prior to the beginning of lockdown. As we see more of our clients’ businesses return to normal, as well as new clients joining us each day, we are in a very fortunate position to be recruiting new team members. And are doing so as quickly as we can.

All of this is positive news. However, predicting daily call volumes continues to be challenging and is likely to continue to be so for some time to come. Our normal forecasting processes are hampered by the current volatile nature of inbound call volumes. We are working hard to ensure sufficient PAs are scheduled to work based on our best understanding of the current call volume expectations. As circumstances change, there may be times when call answering wait times will be longer than normal. We will do all we can to keep call wait times to a minimum.

Cymphony is committed to doing all it can to ensure your calls are answered in a timely manner during this challenging time.

Many Thanks,

Tim Morris

Managing Director at Cymphony