Handling Your Calls During The Coronavirus Crisis

A message from Tim Morris, CEO: Handling Your Calls During The Coronavirus Crisis

As the coronavirus emergency continues to affect all our lives we will continue to keep you informed of our current actions to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus on our clients, our staff and our business.

This communication will help you to understand what we have done during the past 7 days and what we will do in the coming days.

  • All of our call handlers are now working from home
  • All remaining team members working in our offices are being prepared to work from home
  • Our Live Chat team are all working from home
  • Ancillary team members are now fully trained to accept calls as and when needed

Please be assured that we are well placed to continue handling your calls, even if you need us to handle a higher volume then we normally would.

As we have mentioned in our previous communication, in the event call volumes increase significantly we may need to slightly alter the service offered to you. If you currently receive services which exceed regular ‘message taking’, for example diary or calendar management, we may at some point need to take a message only and send those on to you. This will ensure the largest volume of calls are answered, albeit some of them at a reduced service level. If this situation arises we will do our best to send out a notification to you. 

Currently we are managing to answer calls in a timely manner. However, as circumstances change, there may be times when call answering wait times will be longer than normal. We will do all we can to keep call wait times to a minimum.

Cymphony is committed to do all it can to ensure your calls are answered during this challenging time.

Many Thanks,

Tim Morris
Managing Director