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Issue – Actegy develop and sell innovative healthcare technologies. They often run national newspaper campaigns and were unable to deal with the huge spikes in call volumes.

Approach – We set up as an overflow reception, professionally and efficiently answering all calls they would have otherwise missed. We were able to route calls to the relevant departments and contacts whilst messages were sent immediately via email and SMS.

Outcome – Cymphony answered over 15,000 calls in the past year on behalf of Actegy, many of these were brand new sales leads that would have otherwise been missed.

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Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh

Issue – Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company, but it was failing due to the number of calls going unanswered.

Approach – We implemented an overflow call handling solution. Receiving calls for the dealership and appropriately and professionally dealing with each enquiry.

Outcome – A loyal customer since 2009, Cymphony now answer thousands of overflow calls for Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh each year, becoming an integral part of their customer service.

Client comments
“At Mercedes-Benz of Edinburgh, we make a strong stand for customer service and always look for opportunities to improve every area of customer satisfaction. The Cymphony overflow service provides accurate measurement of calls taken and works seamlessly as if the team were our very own staff. That’s why I am pleased to give my full recommendation to any business to use this system. It’s an essential must have service.”
Graham Affleck, Market Area Director

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Bennett Griffin

Issue – Bennett Griffin were unable to handle the volume of incoming calls with their current staffing levels and were seemingly unavailable for many of their clients, missing important calls or sending callers to voicemail.

Approach – We began with an overflow call handling solution to answer calls missed by the company. Since 2008, Cymphony have provided an effective telephone answering set up to help Bennett Griffin deal with their new enquiries and client calls.

Outcome – Bennett Griffin no longer miss any calls or lose out on potential sales opportunities. They have been able to maintain a professional image and have built a lasting relationship with our team.

Client comments
“It would be easy to assume that our clients will call us back if they can’t reach us, but we know that allowing them to reach a busy signal or a voicemail is not professional. With Cymphony, our clients can trust us to always be available to them, regardless of the circumstances. Cymphony’s professionalism and level of service are second to none. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to take our calls.”
Alison Riccio, Office Manager

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Issue – Due to high call volumes, too much time was being taken up by Stuga’s non-receptionist staff in handling calls, wasting valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Approach – We were able to quickly implement our virtual receptionist service to ease the strain on Stuga, directing calls to the most appropriate person or department. and freeing up their staff to get on with more productive activities.

Outcome – We handled all of Stuga’s incoming calls in a friendly and professional manner, which freed up their staff to focus on more productive activities.

Client comments
“Cymphony is a corner stone of our service and we consider them a vital part of our business. Their receptionists have created a positive reputation for the company, helping to generate ongoing sales opportunities."
Steve Haines
Stuga Machinery Ltd.

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