How to turn Blue Monday around

Posted by - Angus Robinson on the 15th January 2018

This year, Blue Monday – ‘The most depressing day of the year’ falls on the 15th January 2018. The (not so very) scientific formula estimates that people feel their lowest due to a combination of post-Christmas chaos, miserable weather, depleted bank account, failing New Year’s resolutions and an overall lack of motivation.

What does this mean for business?

According to studies, staff are much more likely to pull a sickie on Blue Monday with productivity losses to the UK economy as a result estimated at £93 billion! Staff absences often hit small businesses the hardest, so what can you do to combat Blue Monday and cheer up your team?

1. Reflect on your achievements
Team meeting

Get your team together and show some praise for the work you’ve all achieved in the previous year. Staff will feel they have received some well-deserved recognition which will provide a nice confidence boost for your business. Why not also set your goals for the coming year? It’s a great way to make your team feel motivated and raring to go for 2018.

2. Team building
Team Building

Team building exercises don’t have to be an all-day affair – check out this list of exercises your team could do on Blue Monday to make the day more fun. Alternatively, why not make the day a little different and suggest a food pot-luck or baking competition. Not only is the day different from the usual mundane Monday, but your team have an extra chance to bond (which can only be good for business).

3. Wear something bright
Bright colours

Put down the black! Wearing bright colours is thought to be able to lift your mood and make those around you feel happier.

4. Encourage healthy behaviours

It’s worth investigating if there are any local gyms that would offer a discount membership to employees. Not only is it a great benefit, but it shows your team your making steps to look out for their health and wellbeing.

It’s also important that staff take a break from their computer screen and are able to distress. Charity Samaritans are not big fans of the term Blue Monday and are instead suggesting we acknowledge the day as ‘Brew Monday’. On Brew Monday encourage your staff to take a break, grab a cup of tea and have a chat (on a subject other than work!).

Don’t get trapped in that Blue Monday vibe, turn this January around with a positive kick-start to your year.