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How to Reward B2B Loyalty

Loyalty programmes aren’t uncommon and they’re a great incentive in the B2B environment. From getting a free coffee on your tenth visit, to using a points card; customers now expect rewards in exchange for their custom. The team at Cymphony are always looking for ways to reward customers who use our services. If you’re looking […]

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Working from Home: 5 Tips from 5 Home Workers

Working from home is a very new concept to many people in the UK, but with businesses having to adapt to the new normal, it’s becoming a necessity. Furthermore, with only 13% of UK working parents wanting to return to their former work/life balance, homeworking may become the new normal for even more employees. Here […]

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Can Virtual Services Help Businesses While Employees are Furloughed?

Virtual services are something businesses have increasingly employed over the past decade, and they have a number of benefits from allowing flexible working and reducing stress, to improving productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked virtual service providers’ success, with businesses rapidly shifting to a digital and virtual business model in order to keep the money […]

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Cymphony Job Alert: Tips to help you get employed

The challenges created by COVID-19 have meant that there are many more people looking for employment than usual, and companies who want to recruit are not able to as their offices are closed and their existing workforce is working from home. Here at Cymphony, we want to keep in touch with people who want to […]

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Homeworking Stress: How to Ease Stress When Working from Home

COVID-19 has meant a significant increase in people working from home. We understand that during these challenging times, stress levels are already through the roof, so we’ve broken down five key ways to ease stress when working from home. For those of us who are now working from home, juggling family, children, and work can […]

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5 Ways Live Chat is Improving Businesses’ Customer Service

Live chat has become increasingly popular as more people take their queries and purchases online, without desiring to speak in-person with a company representative. We’re going to look at why live chat is a tool that your business can use to improve customer service, automate business functions, handle more leads and, ultimately, excel. If, after […]

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5 Ways a Telephone Answering Service can Increase Your Leads

Have you ever considered using a telephone answering service and wondered how it could benefit your company, or if it could help increase your inbound leads? In this article, we’re going to look at how a telephone answering service could help your business and customer list grow. If, by the end of this article, you’re […]

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Can Automation Improve Customer Service?

Have you ever asked the question, can automation improve customer service? Well, look no further as we’ve got all the answers you need in this article. If you’re looking at automating part of your business with the goal of improving your customer service, contact our team where they will be happy to discuss how we […]

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