Cymphony Client Portal Features & User Guide

Posted by - Angus Robinson on the 20th November 2018

You spoke, we listened. We are excited to announce that the Cymphony client portal is in open beta stage as of November 2018.

Based on client feedback, we’ve developed an easy way for you to view your messages, statistics and update the Cymphony team. We anticipate general release of the client portal for February 2019, but you can sign up for beta access today by emailing

The following guide lists out some high level features of the portal and will be updated as and when new features are added.

How to setup access to the Cymphony client portal

First things first, you will need to request access to the client portal if you haven’t already been setup for an account. Initial setup must be from the main contact we have listed for your Cymphony account. By default the main contact will be assigned admin user status and must approve any new users for the portal. New users will need approval to become admin users from the main contact. Please note, this is a web based portal only and not available as an IOS or Android app. We are working on creating an app in the near future. Rest assured that the portal can be used on all devices including your mobile.

  • Step 1: Register your interest for the Client portal by emailing In your email please let us know the following:
  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your email address (this will serve as your username)
  • Level of access required – see admin users section
  • Where to direct messages to if you change your status to “Not Available”
  • Step 2: Within 48 hours of requesting access to the client portal you will receive an email from us to let you know things are ready to go. This email will contain instructions on how to login for the first time.

That’s it! You’re all set.

Top tip – Add the Cymphony Portal to the home screen of your phone or tablet for speedy access – Here’s how.

Portal homepage tab

Manage your team or department (Admin users only)

One of the great features of the Cymphony portal is the ability to define user types within your organisation. Individuals can be assigned as admin users allowing them to view messages, statistics and make updates to individuals or department availability. Standard users can only view messages and availability for themselves.

Update availability on the fly

Portal demo

Whether you’re leaving the office for an impromptu client meeting, or just heading out for coffee number five this morning. No worries. Update your handling instructions in real time with the press of a button. Admin users can even update instructions for colleagues and entire departments.

Message hub

Email is a fantastic communication tool, but with the average person receiving up to 121 emails a day it can be difficult to stay on top of important messages.

The Cymphony portal stores all of your messages in one place making it simple to view and take action. Admin users can view messages for entire departments or individuals ensuring no important messages are missed.

Portal demo

Advanced message filters

Portal demo

Don’t you just hate it when you urgently need to find an email and it just wont happen? For whatever reason your search is fruitless, ten minutes pass and you’ve forgotten why you were looking for the email in the first place!

With the Cymphony portal you can easily retrieve messages with an advanced search tool. No more time wasted searching through a cluttered email inbox.

View your account stats

Portal stats desktop

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on call volumes for your business. With the Cymphony portal you can see at a glance when your busiest times are for enquiries, enabling you to to plan accordingly.

Update your PA directly

Portal stats desktop

Technology is a wonderful thing, but we must not loose sight of the power of personal relationships. Every Cymphony client has an assigned PA, and with the portal you have a direct line to your PA. You can send a message at any time, or call the direct number to update your team on any necessary account changes.

Please also let your PA know any early feedback for the portal, we will be adding more features and functionality in the coming weeks.