App Review: Toggl

Posted by - Angus Robinson on the 4th December 2017

Toggl is an app available on most mobile devices and as a chrome extension for your browser. Simply put, it is a way to track time. It aims to increase productivity of your business by recording the time taken to complete various tasks and creating reports. It is accessible by all members of your team, aiding teamwork and shared projects. But is it any more than a glorified stopwatch? Could it really help your business?


• Time tracking
• Teams of up to 5 people can be created
• Unlimited projects
• Integrates with lots of other apps and tools (e.g. SalesForce, Evernote, Gmail, Twitter – whole list here)
• Professional reports created showing how you used your time – also for invoicing

• Cloud based so syncs together from any device
• Colour code projects


If you want to pay $5/month per user, you can get some more advanced features:

• Divide teams into user groups
• Add subprojects
• View rounding and decimal figures in reports for more precision
• Unlimited team size
• Time can be tagged as billable
• Time estimates can be set
• Advanced reporting and sharing reports


For $49/month, you get all of the above plus more:

• Team reminders
• Schedule reports
• Timesheets
• Audits
• Priority support

(Both Pro and Business come with a 30 day free trial)


Toggl is a great app, particularly popular amongst freelancers, consultants and small businesses. If you or your business need an app to track time and get organised, it’s a great tool. Billable time is great concept that takes the chore out of logging work hours and creating time sheets or invoices.

Toggl makes everything related to working hours and productivity a lot simpler. As well as helping to meet the deadlines you set for both you and your team, Toggl is a handy tool for analysing your current time usage. See where your time is being taken up – how much time are you actually spending on emails? Admin? Phone calls? Toggl can aid productivity and help refocus your time as well as help manage your team. For example, by setting estimates for projects, you can then compare and see how reality measures against this – either increasing your productivity or forcing you to re-evaluate.

The app itself is very convenient on a desktop, simply enter the project you’re working on and your timer will start. Organising timesheets and invoices can be a real pain and I think this is one of the biggest benefits of Toggl (if you’re willing to pay for it). Reports are created quickly in a variety of formats including PDF, and look professional enough to share and email to clients straight away. As well as tracking time, Toggl could therefore be a big timesaver too.

Toggl is really easy to use and the display is simple and clear – there’s no struggle to find different functions or overly complicated design features. Although more simplistic on mobile devices, the core functionalities of the app translate across well.


The best features of Toggl are reserved for the upgraded accounts and so the free version of Toggl is really just a stopwatch. Remembering to start Toggl each time you begin a new task can also be difficult and get a bit annoying at times, although there is an option to log time in your Toggl account at a later date. There are also suggestions that Toggl is better for people who need to bill their time, such as freelancers; whilst other apps are better for productivity.


Toggl does have a lot of competitors when it comes to time tracking apps. Just a few include Paymo, TimeTracker, TimeDoctor, Freckle, Freshbooks, Harvest, Klok and Invoicera. Despite this, Toggl fares quite well and is consistently recommended.

Worth a download?

I think Toggl is a great app, if you or your business really need precise time tracking for reasons such as reports, invoicing or team management. The upgrade features are what really stands out on the app and it’s a great time saving solution for tracking and collating your work time.

However, if your business isn’t looking to track every second of the day and monitor how teams spend their time meticulously, I don’t think it’s worth the download. For occasional use, it can become a bit of a nuisance, when really you could just look at the clock!