App review: Image to word

Posted by - Angus Robinson on the 18th December 2017

Image to Word is an app released by Cometdocs which converts images into editable word files. Its aim is to save you time, abandoning the need for a scanner and extra hours spent retyping.


This app is very simple in its design, making it really easy to use. You can either take a photo in the app or pick one from your camera roll to convert. This could be a screenshot or a photo previously taken of any piece of text. The app also provides a guide to getting the best results, like adjusting the brightness and cropping out any surrounding space.

There is a lite version of this app and a premium upgrade available for £7.99. The primary difference being the time it takes for a single file to convert. A single image takes around an hour and a half to convert on the free version compared to around a minute for the paid. There are no caps on the amount of images that can be converted but only one can be done at a time.

Test 1

This seemed like a really useful app but I have to say that my first testing process turned into a bit of a failure. When I first heard about the app, I immediately thought “wow! This will be perfect for turning my handwritten notes into a digital format”. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun a bit here and the app only works on printed text meaning my dreams were a bit ambitious for the present moment. As you can see below, on the left is my scrawl of notes and on the right is the converted outcome – don’t make my mistake.

However, the good news is that Cometdocs are currently developing an app that works on handwritten text so we may not have to wait too long for this to become a reality.

Handwritten Notes
Handwritten Result

Test 2

My second test was more successful. I wanted to see how to app would react to a screenshot, so I chose the first page of Harry Potter. On the left is the screenshot and on the right is the converted file, where there’s not much difference. The conversion worked really well, the text is clear and though I can’t see any reason to edit a classic, it could be changed if I wanted to add a few notes.

Typed screenshot
Typed Result

Test 3

My final attempt was where I got to see the real power of this app. I found an old recipe book and took a picture of a page. I followed the guidelines and upped the brightness and cropped the page accordingly and entered it for processing. Again, on the right is my original image and on the right the converted file. The formatting is a little wonky, however, all the content made it over and the process was a lot quicker than typing it up.

Recipe Photo
Recipe Result


There are a few limitations of the app but these mainly lie with the lite version. Waiting over an hour for one image to convert is a long time and removes the ‘time-saving’ point of the app. Similarly, only being able to upload one image at a time is frustrating.

However, the Image to Word app is a really useful tool that could be a huge time saver. No more scanning, no more typing up, no more complicated software in order to make editable files. It is more convenient and could see it as something I could use both for business and personal use. It is definitely worth investing in the upgraded version to release its full features and capability.

You can download it here.