App review: Fiverr

Posted by - Angus Robinson on the 15th January 2018

Fiverr: a place to list services from $5 and a place to find almost anything you could possibly need. From the useful and practical to the very weird and wonderful – it might just be worth taking a look.

Fiverr is both a website and an app where freelancers can list services, or ‘gigs’ as they’re called on the site. There are over 120 categories to choose from meaning that if you’re looking for a task there’s bound to be someone there who wants to do it. With over 3 million services listed and growing by a rate of around 4,000 new services listed a day, Fiverr is the app leader of the market – surpassing competitors such as Task Rabbit and eLance. But for just $5 (around £3.25) can your business really find something useful? For such a cheap rate can you really expect quality?

What’s available?

Fiverr includes these main categories:

• Graphic & Design
• Online Marketing
• Writing & Translation
• Video & Animation
• Music & Audio
• Programming & Tech
• Advertising
• Business

Within these groups you could pay $5 for someone to proofread an article you’ve written, create a caricature of your boss, write the ‘about us’ section of your website, edit a video, make an illustration – the options go on and on!

Obviously not everything listed on the site will be of use to SMEs, so what do we think is good?

The Good

Many companies will use Photoshop as a professional tool to edit photos to fit for purpose. However, learning the basics of Photoshop, let alone some of the advanced techniques can be really time consuming. The standard on Fiverr is 10 photos with backgrounds removed, or less if they require more detailed edits. Great value – especially if it means you don’t have to install the Adobe package which is a significant cost.

Got a load of content but no time to check for errors? Sometimes another eye can always help check for mistakes too. Fiverr offers a range of proofreading freelancers that will read up to 5000 words for just $5. Bargain!

There are also IT and support services on Fiverr which can be tailored to the issues you’re facing. If you find one program particularly tricky, or there is always an error on your website you just can’t understand then for only $5 your problems could be solved.

The Bad

There’s a lot that needs to be considered in terms of the value of some of the services provided. Promotion, increased followers, better SEO, more backlinks – they might seem great initially but it’s necessary to consider the wider impact of using these services. Platforms like Google will punish websites that contain hundreds of irrelevant links. The best way to improve SEO is through organic links and relevance, which these certainly won’t provide. Many of these services might be great, but be careful – make sure what you’re paying for doesn’t actually turn detrimental to your business.

The funny and bizarre

Along with practical services, there are definitely a fair share of odd ones that are in demand. Need a video of Jesus talking to you from heaven? Or someone putting a pie in their face before delivering a personal message? Perhaps just a message written in alphabetti spaghetti. You name it, someone on Fiverr does it.

Fiverr Pieface Fiverr Jesus Fiverr Spaghetti

Can you trust it?

There are millions of services available on Fiverr which will deliver top notch results. However, you need to consider the price of what you’re paying. The main doubts around Fiverr is that ‘you get what you pay for’. For example if you’re expecting a fantastic, original new company website for just $5 – you may want to think again. It seems unrealistic to expect a high quality service from something which will only take about 15-20 minutes of someone’s time.


Although all services begin at $5, as a freelancer becomes more reputable with great reviews there are opportunities for increased services at a higher cost. This could be a great alternative if you’re wanting a more in depth service that still doesn’t break the bank. Take a look at this article about Fiverr; written by a Fiverr freelancer for only $30.

Is it worth a download?

Absolutely. With such a variety to choose from, outsourcing tasks can be a convenient and cost-effective solution for your company. As the costs are so small, the level of risk is relatively low if you end up not receiving something you’re not totally happy with. However, it’s important to set out your expectations of the service. Fiverr is great for small tasks or fun projects but for large services that have a big impact on your company? We’d stick to more professional outsourcing, paying the price for the quality.