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How can a Virtual Personal Assistant Help your Business?

If you’re a business owner, you’ll likely agree with me that the daily tasks that require completing can often be at times overwhelming. A helping hand can always be useful to speed your processes up and allow you to bring more success to your business. Well, there are solutions for this and one of these […]

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Five Ways Your Business Can Maximise Profits By Using Call Centre Services

It’s not uncommon for businesses to want to succeed and maximise profits where possible. Have you ever wondered how you can maximise your business profits? A way you can increase your business profit levels and customer satisfaction levels are by introducing call centre services. Businesses entire existence have been put at risk due to COVID-19 […]

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Why your business needs to be using live chat

In today’s current digital economy, the importance of instant communication can’t be underestimated and there’s a nifty little feature you can have on your website called live chat to make sure you can capture more leads and bring more success to your business with little effort. Instant gratification is the need for an answer almost […]

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Everything you need to know about the benefits of outsourcing for your business

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it doesn’t feel like you can get everything done and before you know it, you’re at the end of the day with some empty tick boxes on your daily to-do list? Trust me, you’re not alone, as I’ve definitely been in this situation as I’m sure […]

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Distributed workforce: Understanding a new way of working

For many businesses a distributed workforce has been in place for a while. However, for the majority of companies, the concept of a distributed workforce model has been rapidly accelerated by COVID-19 and the urgent need for remote working. With office spaces shut around the globe and workers having to juggle both home and work […]

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How a telephone answering service can get you leads 24/7

With the current situation, it’s no surprise that business sales and new leads have dropped with only a limited amount of high street businesses being able to keep their brick and mortar stores open. Fortunately, a good majority of businesses now have an online presence to be able to continue selling throughout the pandemic but […]

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Self-service vs. telephone service

Self-service has become a huge part of everyday life. It’s fast, simple, and keeps us in control. From self-serve checkouts at the supermarket to automated calls with your energy supplier – the option for self-service is everywhere. Businesses are increasingly looking for ways they can introduce a self-service system due to COVID-19 and the lower […]

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Cymphony Job Alert: Getting Back to Normal Post Lockdown

As lockdown eases, many great candidates are back on the job market.  Things are beginning to get back to normal at Cymphony, so we’re reaching out to those job candidates who have the skills to provide our customers with exceptional service. A message from Tim, Managing Director at Cymphony I’m really pleased to say that […]

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