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What to Look for when Choosing a Telephone Answering Service for Your Business

The modern business model is differing more and more from its traditional counterpart, thanks to the rise of outsourcing. Outsourcing is where businesses use the services of a third party company to help with any number of business operations, for example, using a remote customer service team to help with a rise in call volumes. […]

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How to Hire the Best People for Your Business

What are You Looking for? The first step to being able to find new members of staff who are a perfect fit for you business, is to know exactly what you’re looking for from the outset. A focused approach will give better results. So what kind of things do you need to think about? Consider […]

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How to Make Sure Your Business is Ready to Come Out of Lockdown

Whether you’ve been able to continue trading at a reduced level, thanks to options like click and collect and take-away services, or the upcoming changes in restrictions are going to finally signal being able to open your doors to  customers once again after a very long year, the term ‘business as usual’ is going to be […]

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

Customer feedback is a tricky topic; many businesses choose to avoid gathering customer feedback, as it can be difficult to take criticism and it is not always as constructive as you might hope. Others invite it but don’t make good use of it; instead using it to give the impression that their customers’ opinions are […]

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Outsourcing Calls: Why are So Many Clinics Choosing this Strategy?

Clinics can take many forms, from primary care clinics and community clinics, to mental health and addiction clinics. No matter what they specialise in, they share a similar structure which makes them ideal candidates for outsourcing their calls. Outsourcing allows you to make the most of a ready-made body of trained staff on a temporary […]

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Why Outsourcing Telephone Answering is Important for Your Construction Company

When you’re just starting out in business, no matter what industry you’re entering into, an important stage of the planning process is considering whether you will have a physical base and how each aspect of your business will manifest itself. For example, will you need to have an office for members of staff to work […]

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5 Reasons Why Estate Agents Should Use Live Chat

As a business owner you’ve probably heard of the term ‘live chat’ by now, but if not, you’re seriously missing a trick! Live chat is the latest development in the world of business communication. It consists of a pop-up box that you have installed in your website, which prompts customers to type out any questions […]

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How to Maintain a Great Company Culture while Your Staff are Working from Home

With the vast majority of employees having to switch to remote working, employers are facing a host of challenges when it comes to keeping their team united and motivated. For many employers who didn’t previously employ remote workers, it can be an unpredictable and worrying change, however, we’re here to offer some solid advice that […]

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