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App review: Fiverr

Fiverr: a place to list services from $5 and a place to find almost anything you could possibly need. From the useful and practical to the very weird and wonderful – it might just be worth taking a look. Fiverr is both a website and an app where freelancers can list services, or ‘gigs’ as […]

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How to turn Blue Monday around

This year, Blue Monday – ‘The most depressing day of the year’ falls on the 15th January 2018. The (not so very) scientific formula estimates that people feel their lowest due to a combination of post-Christmas chaos, miserable weather, depleted bank account, failing New Year’s resolutions and an overall lack of motivation. What does this […]

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Free online training courses to improve your skills

Learning new skills is a fantastic way to continually improve your own knowledge and your business can reap the benefits too. Skills learnt from online courses will probably end up helping more than you think. There are hundreds of courses and training tutorials available on a wide variety of topics. Here’s just a few that […]

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Writing a press release 101

Press releases are a brilliant way for businesses to get valuable publicity, whilst spreading a company message. They can boost business visibility at a relatively low cost and establish you as an industry expert. The art of writing the perfect press release can be tricky – here’s a run through of the best ways to […]

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How to make 2018 your most productive year yet

It’s 2018 and that time of year for focusing on how to improve ourselves. The idea of improving our productivity in the workplace is often top of the list for working professionals but can seem an abstract concept. Desirable in theory, but harder to put into practice. We’ve researched and created our top tips for […]

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App review: Image to word

Image to Word is an app released by Cometdocs which converts images into editable word files. Its aim is to save you time, abandoning the need for a scanner and extra hours spent retyping. Features This app is very simple in its design, making it really easy to use. You can either take a photo […]

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Can automation improve customer service?

Can automation improve customer service? Automation is designed to make our lives easier, permeating much of our personal and business worlds – but how convenient is it really? If used well, automation can save time, money and effort. However,if done badly or not targeted to the right audience, automation can leave customers frustrated and with […]

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App Review: Toggl

Toggl is an app available on most mobile devices and as a chrome extension for your browser. Simply put, it is a way to track time. It aims to increase productivity of your business by recording the time taken to complete various tasks and creating reports. It is accessible by all members of your team, […]

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