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Homeworking Stress: How to Ease Stress When Working from Home

COVID-19 has meant a significant increase in people working from home. We understand that during these challenging times, stress levels are already through the roof and that’s why we’ve broken down 5 ways of how to ease stress when working from home. For those of us who are now working from home, juggling family, children, […]

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5 ways live chat is improving businesses customer service

Live chat has become increasingly used as people switch to handling more of their queries online and purchasing goods without the need or desire to speak with a human representative. We’re going to look at why live chat is a tool that your business can use to improve your customer service, automate your business functions, […]

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5 ways a telephone answering service can increase your leads

Have you ever looked at using a telephone answering service and wondered how it could benefit your company and if it could help increase your inbound leads? In this article, we’re going to look at a number of ways how a telephone answering service could help your business and customer list grow. If by the […]

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Can automation improve customer service?

Have you ever asked the question, can automation improve customer service? Well, look no further as we’ve got all the answers you need to whether automation can improve your customer service or not in this article. If you’re looking at automating part of your business with the goal of improving your customer service, contact our […]

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How to answer the phone like a pro

Have you ever wondered how you can answer the phone in a better manner? Well, in this article, we’re going to look at how to answer the phone like a pro and how you can use these steps to improve your telephone communication.  Everyone at your business should know and be taught how to answer […]

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Cymphony Client Portal Features & User Guide

You spoke, we listened. We are excited to announce that the Cymphony client portal is in open beta stage as of November 2018. Based on client feedback, we’ve developed an easy way for you to view your messages, statistics and update the Cymphony team. We anticipate general release of the client portal for February 2019, […]

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Industry Lowdown: Who Includes a Phone Number?

Including contact details on a business website may seem like an obvious essential. However, recently more and more businesses are avoiding displaying a contact number altogether and instead opting for a web form or email address. The perks of doing this include a reduction in calls interrupting your day and less money spent manning the […]

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App review: Fiverr

Fiverr: a place to list services from $5 and a place to find almost anything you could possibly need. From the useful and practical to the very weird and wonderful – it might just be worth taking a look. Fiverr is both a website and an app where freelancers can list services, or ‘gigs’ as […]

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