5 ways a telephone answering service can increase your leads

Posted by - Tim Morris on the 8th May 2020

Have you ever looked at using a telephone answering service and wondered how it could benefit your company and if it could help increase your inbound leads?

In this article, we’re going to look at a number of ways how a telephone answering service could help your business and customer list grow.

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Now let’s have a look at five ways a call service can help your business increase its leads and customer base.

Telephone call service is available 24/7

A study from Salesforce showed that 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone, with 85% of customers reporting being dissatisfied with their phone call experience.

A great way to ensure you have someone answering a call no matter the time of the day is with a telephone call service. This way you’ll ensure that all calls are answered and handled with quality and you don’t lose a potentially valuable customer due to the time of the day.

Call Answering Service

When speaking with people on a phone call, it’s important that you can handle the call in the right manner. You can read our article ‘how to answer the phone like a pro‘ which highlights ways that you can add the most value to the phone call giving you a better chance of securing a new customer.

HubSpot highlights that the best time of the week to make a sales call is on a Wednesday, however, when companies receive the most incoming query calls is a different matter.

Imagine you’re a locksmith with your own business and contact number.

Someone calls you at 22:00 and you’re fixing someone else’s locks and can’t pick up the phone at that exact minute. Usually, and without a telephone call service, this would mean lost business.

With a telephone answering service, the call can be handled, query dealt with, and instead of the potential customer going to the next available listing on Google, you’ve now secured a new customer, and, providing your service is good, more customers in the future.

Generate more sales calls with a call service

When you have a telephone answering service in place you’re ensuring that you don’t miss out on another potential customer.

With your business being available to contact 24/7, you’ll never miss another lead to call back the next day to walk them through your business solution in more detail.

Like our example of the locksmith above, because the answering service doesn’t need you to be on the line, the call handlers can take all the details for you and pass this on to you.

This grows your contact list and gives you more potential customers to sell or upsell to in the future.

Bennett Griffin mention in their customer success story that they ‘no longer miss any calls or lose out on potential sales opportunities’ which has helped them maintain their professional image and build better relationships with customers.

Increase the conversion rate of your leads

CallHippo identified in their report a 450% difference in response time for leads receiving a follow-up call within an hour of submitting an inquiry and those that didn’t.

With a telephone answering service, you can have your web and email leads instantly handled for you, ensuring you make that valuable first and quick connection with a potential customer.

Here’s an interesting statistic for you, if leads are contacted within five minutes of the initial inquiry, they are 70% more likely to convert.

By having a telephone answering service in place you’re increasing your chances that your business is not missing out on valuable potential customers and are making that valuable first connection.

answering service

Appointment bookings can be done through a call answering service

When your business uses a telephone answering service it allows for the representatives to book appointments for you, exactly like a personal assistant except with the answering service it’s virtual.

Having appointments made through a call service loops back into our points before as not only does it mean you’re not missing the call, you’re making that vital first contact and building rapport with the caller or potential lead.

When you have a telephone answering service where they know your business and are trained to take calls as if it were a member of your own business, the caller is much more likely to agree to another call if a member of your sales team, for instance, can’t get to the phone at that exact moment.

As Mercedes mention in their customer success story, and there are businesses out there suffering from this problem at the moment, their customer satisfaction was failing due to the number of calls going unanswered.

This way you could automate your call service so you free up resources and time to tackle other challenges while not having to worry about missing a potential high-value customer. You can check out the article on how automation can improve customer service to get more information on what automating your answering service could do for your business.

A call answering service gives you a virtual personal assistant

We mentioned in the point above that having a call answering service is like having your own virtual personal assistant.

However, appointment bookings aren’t the only thing a virtual personal assistant that comes with a telephone answering service can do.

A virtual personal assistant can help you not only book appointments but also manage your diary, handle your email responses, plan events, and do the important research.

The telephone answering service makes sure you’re not missing a valuable call while a personal assistant can set you up for onboarding a new customer or get you prepared for when you return the call so you’re not missing any important information.

Do you need a call answering service?

If you’re thinking whether a call service could help your business for whether it’s not having enough free team members to answer the calls or your witnessing increased call volumes at out of office hours, you can contact a member of the team at Cymphony for a consultation.

All the services Cymphony offer such as the telephone answering service are bespoke to your business with quality call handlers to ensure you keep your trusted brand image.